New York native Jeff Le Blanc has had a busy year; not only did he collaborate with Liz Longley after her latest release (reviewed here on Popdose) on this new record but he’s about to unleash Vision, which is his fourth album.  While some may qualify this as a mini-album, being that it’s only seven songs, the tracks are fleshed out and present a full package.

Starting with “Lost Tonight”, Le Blanc’s voice is smooth and warm; the arrangements are rich and the melody is strong, as well as being immensely radio-friendly; “Stumbled” has a groove, but it’s light and atmospheric and “Say Anything You Want” has a near-country feel without becoming unnecessarily twangy – the great thing about Le Blanc’s songs is that he has a fine sense of restraint.  This is, to me, the album’s standout track and an excellent pop track.  “Always You” is a beautifully constructed number, with a stellar piano arrangement and a nicely built-up chorus.

It’s very easy to like everything about Jeff Le Blanc – and why not?  Here’s a gifted singer-songwriter who knows what to do and how to do it.  The perfect album for the season, to be sure.


Vision will be available on May 12th, 2015