Traditionally, the colors blue and gray have been associated with the military because of the colors of the Union and Confederate uniforms in the Civil War. Perhaps that’s why it’s exceptionally appropriate that they both make an appearance in the title of Heather Powell’s album. You see, besides earning a degree in Theatre from William & Mary, Powell served as a Medical Services Corps. Officer in the US Army, and also became the commander and lead performer of the Army’s inaugural theatrical company. Now, she’s taking her talents back to the studio with the release of A Haze of Grays and Blues.

The album’s 10 tracks, co-written with True Groove Records’ TomÁ¡s Doncker, reflect Powell’s musical theatre past and soulful future. Lead-off “Unexpected” is an assertive, yet bouncy, ode to independence, while “Blue Light” is a bossa nova groove that communicates easy intimacy. Perhaps the most theatrical tune is “Unstoppable” with its “New York, New York” backbeat and deliberate annunciation. But it’s album closer “See Me” where Powell truly asserts herself as a commanding powerhouse, pleading the listener to “see me, the real me.”

With someone as accomplished (she’s currently working on a musical) and as multi-talented as Heather Powell, it’s challenging to see “the real her.” After all, she has so many sides, so many strengths. But it’s obvious that as long as she follows her passion, good things will come. As she herself says, “I was born to perform.” Yes. Yes, she was.

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