Author: Dw. Dunphy


The Popdose Interview: D.X. Ferris, Creator of Suburban Metal Dad

We at Popdose talk a lot about those off the ranch but seldom about out longtime farmhands. I’m not sure how I wound up on this path but go with it. D.X. Ferris has been providing Popdose readers with his comic strip Suburban Metal Dad for several years now, and has recently collected a large part of the run into a book, Suburban Metal Dad: Compendium One: Raging Bullsh*t (Years III and IV) (Volume 1), which you are cheerfully encouraged to check out. A lot of the hows and whys about the strip are covered in the forward to Ferris’ book, so it was a bit of work to not cause him to duplicate himself. Why buy the cow if you’re getting the milk — okay, enough of that. Ferris runs an independent book publishing company and had a great deal of success with his book on the band Slayer. We found this aspect intriguing and, since we already knew Suburban Metal Dad was funny and irreverent to nearly everything, the line of questioning drifted …