Author: Dw. Dunphy


Popdose Exclusive Video Premiere: Church Of Betty, “I Remember You”

And now for something completely different…Twenty-five years in, Chris Rael’s group Church of Betty mixes Indian instrumentation and rhythms with a Western pop sensibility. The group’s new album Swirled World is now available and they will be taking to the road to show it off. Joining them on various stops are friends of Rael’s, Stew and the Negro Problem. (Stew is the mastermind behind the Broadway hit Passing Strange.) Also joining on a few stops will be Dublin Ireland pop sensations Pugwash. The Swirled World track “I Remember You” has been given the video treatment by media artist and filmmaker Joan Grossman. Popdose is pleased to bring you a listen to the music and a first look at this video. You can find out more about Chris Rael and Church of Betty at Rael’s website:


Pearl Jam Bring Citizen Dick To Record Store Day

If you remember the ’90s movie Singles, helmed by Cameron Crowe, you’ll recall the band Citizen Dick. Or rather, you’ll recall Pearl Jam stalwarts Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament’s implausible backstory about the band and their one hit, “Touch Me I’m Dick.” Well if you’ve been craving this for around two decades, you’ll only have to wait a couple more weeks to get Citizen Dick in your hot little hands. What I meant to say was: Record Store Day on April 18 will at long last be bringing you the majority of Pearl Jam as Citizen Dick doing their sideways-leaning tribute (at least in name) to Mudhoney, “Touch Me I’m Dick.”  The opposite side of the single-sided 7-inch will have an engraving of quotes from the movie via Matt Dillon’s character. More info is available at the Record Store Day official site: