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DVD REVIEW: Peanuts: Emmy Honored Collection

The beauty of Peanuts exists on several levels:  the warmth of the characters; the sense of empathy one has for Charlie Brown; the sweetness and innocence of these children; the messages contained within both the comic strip and the T.V. specials that have appeared over the years.  Understand, I grew up with and loved everything about Peanuts – from the first moment I’d ever read one of the collections or saw A Charlie Brown Christmas as a child.  Now, even in my 50’s and not a father, I still find joy and pleasure in watching these programs and these beloved characters. And once again, Warner Home Video has offered up this dynamic collection, Peanuts:  Emmy Honored Collection, a 2-disc gathering of no less than 9 Emmy nominated/winning Peanuts specials from over the years.  Although these are cartoons, there are also some very powerfully poignant lessons to be learned, such as with “Why, Charlie Brown, Why?” in which Linus tries to learn how to cope with the serious illness of a friend of his; “Is This …

Jim Gaffigan Show Cast

Impastor and Jim Gaffigan Turn TV Land into the New HBO

TV Land, once Cable TV’s Cousin Oliver, has gone all Marsha, Marsha, Marsha seemingly overnight. Their latest one-two punch, The Jim Gaffigan Show and Impastor, rival the best comedic fare on HBO and Comedy Central and just might be the best two scripted series on TV this summer. The Jim Gaffigan Show Gaffigan mines his irreverent family-themed adult stand-up routine to fuel his first headline series (after a solid two year run with a supporting role on TBS’s My Guys). Ashley Williams (How I Met Your Mother) is perfectly cast as the fictional Jeannie Gaffigan; the real Jeannie serves as a show producer and writer. The Fat Dad/Hot Wife combo is a sitcom staple; what makes this one more believable than the rest is the fact that semi-fictional Jim and Jeannie work as well on screen as the real ones do off screen. Raising five kids in a 2-bedroom New York apartment is a fertile premise, with the Big Apple cast as a supporting character (reprising her role from Sex and the City). Adam Goldberg plays Jim’s BFF ‘Dave’ no differently than every other time ‘Adam …



While we continue to await news of Joel Hodgson’s long-teased reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Shout! Factory continues to do us MSTies right with its latest four-disk reissue. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXXIII features giant spiders, two helpings of antisocial teenagers and a cardigan-wearing spy with a streak of grey in his hair, and Popdose MSTies Tony Redman and Dan Wiencek are on hand, as ever, to give you the scoop. Daddy-O (Episode #307) Tony: The first movie in this set is season 3’s Daddy-O. “(Old) teenagers on the wrong side of the law” was a popular genre for the show, and this is one of their best, from the vocal stylings of Dick Contino to the gutsy young woman willing to match him toe to toe, (“Want some?”), to the great jazz score by John Williams. The movie is preceded by the wonderfully random short Alphabet Antics.  Host segments include the catchy “Hike your Pants Up” song, in honor of Contino’s almost impossibly high waistline. Also notable this episode was the ending, where the button to …


Popdose Giveway: Win Digital Copies of “Veep” Season 4 and “Silicon Valley” Season 2!

Season 4 of Veep, the Emmy Award winning political satire starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and season 2 of Silicon Valley, the latest comedy from the mind of Mike Judge are currently available to buy on Digital HD. Each series purchase comes with bonus features including outtakes, deleted scenes and more. Veep was created by Oscar nominee, Armando Iannucci (In the Loop). The series began as a comical look at the life of the Selina Meyer (Louis-Dreyfuss) first female Vice President of the United States. Season 4 find Selina occupying the Oval Office, as she is now the sitting President. As she tries to navigate her new responsibilities, Selina and her crack(ed) staff must also run for reelection. The 10-episode 4th season of Veep is available now through Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, XBox, CinemaNow, Fios, Nook and Playstation. Silicon Valley, Mike Judge’s latests work place comedy, is a sensation that features a breakout performance by Thomas Middleditch. The actor stars Richard Hendricks, the CEO and inventor of an app called Pied Piper. In season 2,  Richard and his team, which includes Martin …

If these people are old, what does that make us?

How dare Debbie Harry and Bruce Springsteen get old?

I usually don’t get worked up about aging celebrities, mainly because I’ve managed to convince myself that their age is somehow unrelated to mine — this way, no matter how old they get in real life, in my brain they stay the same age they were when I discovered them. This helpful strategy keeps me from thinking about how when I first bought, say, a Bruce Springsteen album, he was a good 15 years younger than I am right now, which would throw off the entire space-time continuum. Of course as a Springsteen fan I’ve been particularly spoiled, since he somehow continues to power through his AARP years with the energy level (and waistline) of a 30-year-old, allowing us middle-aged huffer-puffers to fist-pump through his concerts as if we, too, have managed to curb the aging process. So what if we have to spend the next day with our feet up and a wet towel draped across our foreheads? For that moment we’re 19 again and all is well with the world, and also with …


The Three Strike Rule: “Girls Season 4”

I haven’t watched an episode of HBO’s Girls since the end of season one. After that wonderful first year, my HBO subscription ran out and other TV series grabbed my interest. Short of getting access to a friend’s HBOGo account, I never had a chance to get reacquainted with the Lena Dunham’s award winning show until this opportunity to review season 4 on Digital HD. Since the Digital HD release comes with the same features as the Blu-ray, I was able to get updated on season three events thanks to the recap video that is included. Season four opens with Dunham’s Hannah set to leave New York and begin a prestigious writers workshop at the University of Iowa. While her parents (played by Becky Ann Baker and Peter Scolari) are thrilled that she’s pursuing this great opportunity, her friends are mostly distracted, all of them preoccupied with their own lives. Shoshanna (Zoisa Mamet) has graduated from college and is beginning a job search, Marnie (Allison Williams) is trying to make it as a musician while …

mysterysciencetheater3000 logo

TV on DVD: “Mystery Science Theater 3000, Volume XXXII”

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXXII, available March 24, comes to us without a theme or anniversary tie-in — just another slate of four pretty-funny-to-outright-hilarious outings with Joel, Mike, Crow and Tom Servo, ranging from forgotten ’70s TV pilots to an actual, bona fide Academy Award winner. Without further ado, Popdose MSTies Tony Redman and Dan Wiencek give you Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXXII!


Streaming Review: Sewing Hope

Sewing Hope is a documentary about the St. Monica Girls Training School and Sr. Rosemary Nyirumbe. With locations in Gulu and Atiak, Uganda, the school works with girls who have returned home after being kidnapped by the Lord’s Resistance Army. It’s heavy work. The Lord’s Resistance Army became well known in 2012 thanks to a documentary and a social media campaign about its leader, Joseph Kony, as in #Kony2012 . An organization called Invisible Children created a video that was posted to YouTube and started the social media campaign with the goal of having Kony arrested by the end of 2012. The idea was to make him so famous that those in power had to respond. Invisible Children was a very small organization, and the campaign lacked some of the professionalism associated with the major NGOs, and, well, Kony is still at large, although not in Uganda. It’s unclear how many children were abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army, which is one of the criticisms of Invisible Children. They may have overstated the number of …


Why Stephen Colbert’s “We’ll Meet Again” Singalong Was the Greatest Send-Off in TV History

It’s been half a day since Stephen Colbert ended The Colbert Report and the way it went out is still circulating in my head. Not even today’s Mellowmas installment could purge it. And that’s a good thing, because, Christ, that was awful. I didn’t really have an idea of what special stunt Colbert would do to say goodbye, but I was positive that Jon Stewart would be involved in some capacity. And when Colbert started to sing “We’ll Meet Again” with Stewart walking on midway through the first verse, I nearly lost it. But I don’t think anybody was prepared for what came next. Dozens of celebrities who had been on the show over the years then popped up in groups to sing along, accompanied only by Randy Newman’s piano. With every new crop, you recalled their appearances over the years, from frequent guests like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Doris Kearns Goodwin to D.C. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton to that time when Gloria Steinem did a cooking segment with Jane Fonda. The sheer number of guests …