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HBO explores the darker corners of humanity in "Divorce" and "Westworld."

This Sunday, the most anticipated snowboarding film of all time, The Fourth Phase starring Travis Rice, will be screened for free, for one night

Selina Meyer is the POTUS. God help us all.

Murder, conspiracy, and betrayal

While we continue to await news of Joel Hodgson's long-teased reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Shout! Factory continues to do us MSTies right with

Season 4 of Veep, the Emmy Award winning political satire starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, and season 2 of Silicon Valley, the latest comedy from the mind of Mike Judge

"Silicon Valley" continues to provide enough laughs and commentary on the human condition to make it one of the most binge worthy and intelligent

PlayStation takes a dip in the TV pool with the new superhero/cop show, "Powers," now on Blu-ray.

[caption id="attachment_141557" align="alignright" width="403"] If these people are old, what does that make us?[/caption] I usually don’t get worked up about aging celebrities, mainly because

FX's "Justified" went out like it began, with guns blazing.

"Welcome to Sweden" is like a summer shandy: it goes down smooth, is sweet, and doesn’t leave a sour taste in your mouth

The second season of "Broadchurch" is just as thrilling as the first.

This is not about the Mad Men finale.

David Letterman leaves The Late Show and late night next week. Must we be so darn serious about it?

I haven’t watched an episode of HBO’s Girls since the end of season one. After that wonderful first year, my HBO subscription ran out

FX's thrilling crime drama "Justified" has its series finale this week.

In an era where news needs to please political guests, the only current unchained commentator is heading for the door. Will his replacement double

The hot-topic HBO documentary about Scientology premieres Sunday, March 29th.

On March 26, NBC announced the return of Hayden Fox, the character that toplined the '90s ABC sitcom Coach.

Series primaries announced this week a limited series return.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXXII, available March 24, comes to us without a theme or anniversary tie-in — just another slate of four pretty-funny-to-outright-hilarious outings with Joel, Mike, Crow and Tom Servo, ranging from forgotten ’70s TV pilots to an actual, bona fide Academy Award winner. Without further ado, Popdose MSTies Tony Redman and Dan Wiencek give you Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume XXXII!

The Three Strike Rule reviews two literary adaptations that premiered on cable last year and are making home video debuts.

"Maison Close" is a French television series that takes place in a Paris brothel during the 1870s.

A look back at ten essential episodes of "Parks and Recreation" before next week's series finale.

Sewing Hope is a documentary about the St. Monica Girls Training School and Sr. Rosemary Nyirumbe. With locations in Gulu and Atiak, Uganda, the

It's been half a day since Stephen Colbert ended The Colbert Report and the way it went out is still circulating in my head.

With “A Charlie Brown Christmas” having already made its first appearance of the season, and ABC Family’s “25 Days of Christmas” well underway, we’re

Sundance TV presents a compelling two night event.

"Twin Peaks" "Batman" and other TV gift suggestions for 2014.

Ah, Thanksgiving — that yearly ritual of coma-inducing food, awkward conversation with scarcely seen relatives and, if you come from a certain kind of family, hours and hours of cheesy movies, expertly skewered by Joel (or Mike) and the ‘bots on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Thanksgiving and MST3K have always gone hand in hand: the first episode ever broadcast went out on Thanksgiving Day, 1988, on KTMA in Minneapolis, and during the height of the show’s popularity on Comedy Central, the network ceded its entire Thanksgiving schedule to MST3K to run the beloved Turkey Day Marathons. In those pre-Internet, pre-file-sharing days, the Turkey Day extravaganzas — blocks of as many as 15 two-hour episodes in a row, with seasonally appropriate skits and bumpers recorded by the cast — gave fans a much-needed opportunity to catch up on their home taping; beyond that, in a television landscape filled with numbing parades, predictable football games and The Wizard of Oz, Turkey Day was a chance to unbutton your pants, sink into the sofa and surf a wave of tryptophan grogginess accompanied by the cleverest, hippest comedy on the box.

In salute to the glorious Turkey Days of yore, Shout! Factory is enlisting series creator Joel Hodgson to host a second, online Turkey Day Marathon, beginning at noon EST on the day, and it has also bequeathed us a new DVD set — the 31st — featuring special Turkey Day-themed packaging and extras. Only Dr. Forrester (and possibly Bobo) would bogart such a feast, so once again, Popdose Mega-MSTies Tony Redman and Dan Wiencek came together to share in the joys of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Volume XXXI: The Turkey Day Collection.

The comedian is waging a silent defense of rape allegations, and the nation faces a crisis of conscience.

After years of wrangling music rights, "WKRP in Cincinnati" is at long last on DVD with its enormous library of music intact.

The beloved TV series comes to DVD is a remarkable box set.

I have to admit that I've kind of given up lately on brainy, morally ambiguous cable and Netflix shows like “House of Cards,” “Mad

This may surprise you, but as a boy child growing up in the 1980s, I did not see a lot of My Little Pony.

If you dig Seventies music, you'll dig the massive DVD box set celebrating "The Midnight Special." Rob Smith reviews.

The beloved 70s sitcom gets the complete series treatment.

Popdose gives away a copy of The Midnight Special 11-DVD Collector's Edition!

The Marx Brothers (Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and sometimes Zeppo) entertained audiences for many years in their movies, and still do so today. However, much of their television work is less well known. Shout! Factory hopes to remedy this with their 3 DVD set The Marx Brothers TV Collection.

Groucho made a second career on television with his game show You Bet Your Life, but he and his brothers made other appearances on television as well. This set collects many of them and, as you would expect with a set like this, it’s a mixed bag. Here are some highlights: