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A series of bad choices by Nazir Kahn takes him deep into the criminal justice system in "The Night Of" on HBO

An open letter to the Duffer brothers: Congratulations on a stunning first season of television. Stranger Things is more than a successful show or a

Mystery Science Theater 3000 continues its post-cancellation afterlife with another new set of four episodes, released on July 29 — the 30th such set since the show began appearing on DVD back in 2000. For this landmark release, Popdose’s resident die-hard MSTies Tony Redman and Dan Wiencek collaborated on a joint review; see what they liked, and what they didn’t quite like, in Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXX.

1,000 fans saying "yes" to your project doesn't mean you should

Legions of Bat-fans can now rejoice because, after years of wrangling between studios, individuals, and estates of individuals, the seemingly impossible has happened: the 1966 Batman television show will finally be available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital download. If you don’t believe me, check out this promo and see for yourself.

There’s going to be a big announcement at San Diego Comic-Con today with more details as to what to expect from these sets and what extras will be included. But until then, here are a few videos to help get you in the mood.

Essential episodes from one of the greatest television series ever collected in one set.

One of the most gripping mystery series of last summer FX’s The Bridge, now available in DVD and Blu-ray. Set on the U.S./Mexico border

I have a sister-in-law who shall remain nameless who has unironically embraced a new life philosophy, which she has dubbed “WWSHD” - “What Would

Yes, there were times as a toddler when my son Tim, now 12, would have fits in the supermarket, or demand to be carried

The inspiring account of the case that brought down California's Prop 8 premieres on HBO tonight.

The haunting and beautiful music of The Handsome Family’s song, “Far From Any Road,” serves as the theme song for True Detective, HBO’s much

The latest DVD installment of The Adventures of Chuck & Friends, Top Gear Trucks, is a treat for preschool children and their parents.

Thanks to my budding thespian daughter, I wound up watching the entire Tony Awards last night. Given that I can’t recall the last time

HBO’s newest documentary, "Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro, Sr." is a loving tribute to the father of the legendary actor.

Scott Malchus reviews a couple of new TV releases on DVD, including a great 70s film starring Jack Palance as Count Dracula.

I’ll say right off that I am not a fan of talent competition shows, with their rosy-cheeked overachieving would-be Mariahs and dysfunctional judges panels.

The famed pop star Debbie Gibson takes a seat as judge on ABC's "Sing Your Face Off" and Popdose.com caught up with her to

Introducing "Dunphy Knows It All" wherein Dw Dunphy solves all the problems you never knew you had.

Jeff and Scott return again, this time to discuss the penultimate episode of Season 2 of "The Americans."

Jeff and Scott return after a brief hiatus to cover the last two episodes of "The Americans."

The final season of "The Practice" introduced James Spader as Alan Shore and William Shatner as Denny Crane, characters who went on to infamy

The latest episode of Comrades from Marsick and Malchus

The life of Ann Richards, one of the most compelling figures in American politics, is highlighted in this new HBO documentary.

Jeff Marsick and Scott Malchus return to Popdose for another episode of "Comrades," their weekly discussion about FX's "The Americans"

It's not cartoon music. It's not jazz music. It's Charlie Brown music.

"True Detective" may be off the air for a year, but there are plenty off dark, obsessive cops to fill the void. Check out

It's eaten into their ratings and wreaked copyright havoc, but the web could end up becoming the Big Four's most powerful tool.

Two words. Michael Parakeeton. Not funny? Well, the rest of the podcast is much better.

Examining the strangest of all pop culture conventions, the "fan crush."

In the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 boxset you'll find a teensploitation flick, a sword and sandal classic, a loose head on the loose

Welcome back to Comrades, a weekly podcast/discussion/ramblefest about the FX series, The Americans. This week's stellar episode of the show was entitled "The Walk

Dinner plans and busy work schedules. These are the reasons for the delay in the latest podcast! Welcome back to Comrades, a weekly podcast

Animation's most hapless family returns.

Welcome back for another episode of Comrades, a weekly podcast dedicated to FX’s The Americans. This week, Jeff and Scott discuss the season two premiere of The Americans,

Welcome to “Comrades,” a weekly podcast devoted to the FX series, The Americans. Our first episode takes a look back at The Americans first

If you’re yearning for espionage intrigue and Cold War thrills, you can’t go wrong with The Americans, FX’s dramatic series about KGB agents living

The Bob Newhart Show is the Newhart sitcom that most people seem to remember most fondly, but for me, it's his second long-running series,

Revisit "The Simpson" from the early 2000's, as the 16th season comes to Blu!