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Exit Lines, Theatre

Exit Lines: “China Doll”

Last call for Al on Broadway....

Exit Lines, Theatre

Exit Lines: “Glengarry Glen Ross”

Does Al Pacino get a Cadillac for the Mamet revival? Or...steak knives?...


Theatre, Theatre Is Easy

Theatre Is Easy: Broadway 2010-’11 Preview

This past Broadway season felt off. The plays were quite good but the musicals were pretty disappointing, and the Tony Awards ceremony,...


Farkakte Film Flashback, Film

Farkakte Film Flashback: It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business Edition

Michael Moore’s latest, Capitalism: A Love Story, opens around the country today, and if the early reviews are any indication,...


DVD Reviews, Film

DVD Review: David Mamet’s “Homicide”

Writer/director David Mamet and co-star William H. Macy have a good time reminiscing on the commentary track that accompanies the Criterion...


Music, Popdose Flashback '89

Popdose Flashback: Madonna, “Like a Prayer”

Love her or hate her, Madonna defined popular music – screw that, she defined popular culture — like no one else during the...


Current Events, Political Culture

Political Culture: “November” Spawns a Monster

“Why do they hate me?” wails Nathan Lane as the fictional (but not too fictional) President Charles H.P. Smith, early in David...