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Popdose Profile: Buzz Osborne — A Walk With Melvin

Buzz Osborne doesn’t give a s*** what you think about the new Melvins record....

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An Open Letter To NPR’s Mara Liasson

Public radio that does not study Fox News' history is doomed to repeat it....


“The Big Get” And The Jon Stewart Loss

In an era where news needs to please political guests, the only current unchained commentator is heading for the door. Will his replacement...

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Book Review: Jack Kimble, “Profiles in Courageousness”

Political satire is usually pretty lead-footed. It’s hard to do well, with the result usually falling into the realm of smug,...

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Political Culture: Lose Your Delusion

GOP: Time to give the Outrage Loop a rest....


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Sugar Water: When Chickens and Pigs and Foxes Who Are Married to Tigers Attack

So, are you done with all your Thanksgiving leftovers? Already looking forward to that Christmas ham? Then listen up, all you attendees of...


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Political Culture: In Defense of … ACORN?

Glenn Beck scored another pelt for his demagoguery-fur coat this week, when Congress voted to cut all federal funding for the...


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Political Culture: The Palin-Prejean Connection

One of them reached the grandest stage in her profession by virtue of her charm and very-good looks, only to be judged harshly upon that...