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Sunday Funnies, Webcomics

Sunday Funnies: Pablo – Pushin’ It

Sometimes you just go a bit too far....

CD Reviews, Music

Review: Frog Eyes – Pickpocket’s Locket

You’ve got to hand it to Canadien Carey Mercer, the principal performer-songwriter behind the baroque pop outfit Frog Eyes, whose...

Film, Film Reviews

Movie Review: “A Good Day to Die Hard”

McClain. Kill Loud. Die Hard. We approve....

Football, Sports

Could Tim Tebow Be The Next Eli Manning?

Because there isn't enough discussion about Tim Tebow, Dave Lifton wonders if there's hope for him by looking at the career of Eli Manning....


Consumerism, Current Events, Dw. Dunphy On...

Dw. Dunphy On… ICBM

Popdose takes a fictitious look into the heart of adult peer pressure, consumerism run amok, and poop jokes....



Secret Single: Shamus M’cool, “American Memories”

Unlock the mysteries of one of the most sought-after 45 RPM records, Shamus M'Cool's "American Memories."...

Box Office Flashback, Film

Box Office Flashback: December 10, 1984

Axel Foley, the Terminator, Supergirl, Mozart, and God all make appearances in this week's Box Office Flashback to December 10, 1984....


Current Events, Sugar Water

Sugar Water: The Word of the Lord (in 140 Characters or Less)

A recently published report by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 26 percent of “millennials,” or young...


Bootleg City, Music

Bootleg City: Prince in Paris, June ’87

I’m not going to lie to you — even though I’m the most powerful figurehead in Bootleg City, I don’t have all the...


Music, Pop Goes the World

Pop Goes the World: Attic Lights

Welcome to my brand-new column Pop Goes the World, which aims to serve as an antidote of sorts to the sad, sad, sad world of Mope Like Me....


Music, Power Ballads

Death by Power Ballad: Stryper, “Honestly”

Bands like Rush and AC/DC wear as a badge of honor the fact that they’ve never written or performed a power ballad. I love them both,...