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Winona Ryder

Fight Courtney, F*** Winona, Be the Biggest Rock Star of All Time: A Scientific Analysis

Hole founder, rumored songwriter behind Live Through This, and all around difficult human being Courtney Love once remarked that, “you’re nobody in rock unless you’ve fought me and fucked Winona Ryder.” Love has always been funny and pretty on-point with a lot of her musings; that one is the most coherent thing to come out of her if you don’t count Frances Bean. Love indeed always seems to always be fighting with some celebrity or another, more often than not an emerging alt-rock icon; Ryder, meanwhile is less famous for Heathers and shoplifting than she is for dating cute, dirty-haired indie rocker boys. But what if she’s right? I mean, you look at the lists of the recipients of Love’s vitriol, and Winona Ryder’s What’s Your Number list-meets-the Wikipedia entry for Sassy’s “Cute Band Alert,” and you’ve got some real contenders for Biggest Rock Star in the World (or at least you would circa 1996). So then if you compare the lists, and use math – the associative property, the transitive property, looking at things …

Greatest Un-Hits: The Posies’ “Going, Going Gone” (1994)

Back in the 1990s, there were these things called non-sequel movies, and the people that made these movies promoted them with youth-marketed soundtrack albums, shiny round objects containing primarily filler and unused album cuts from bands and singers enjoyed by the movie’s target demographic. In the weeks leading up to the film’s release, one would be bombarded with ads for both the film, as well as MTV and radio airplay for the soundtrack’s first singles, which are also ads for the film. It was largely irrelevant that in the actual movie, these much-hyped soundtrack songs would usually  muster about three seconds of screen time, blaring out the window of a passing cab approximately three blocks away from the main action of the scene. Some of the biggest, most iconic hits of the ’90s are songs that were “featured on the hot soundtrack,” sometimes even backfiring and becoming way, way more popular than the actual movies themselves. The forgotten street basketball melodrama Above the Rim produced Warren G.’s classic “Regulate”; Bjork’s “Army of Me” came from a film …

Song-Off Jr.: Ice Cream Flavors of Limited Availability

“Ice-cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal.” –Voltaire The Posies – “Flavor of the Month” Black Sheep – “Flavor of the Month” American Hi-Fi – “Flavor of the Weak” — n {democracy:45} — Last week Rick Springfield went postal on the competition, as “What’s Victoria’s Secret” took home a 44 percent plurality, followed by our good friend Fred Wilhelm and his “Sea Monkeys” with 24 percent. Join us again next week as we celebrate Zac Sunderland’s imminent return to port and tackle on the subject of sailing.

Boys Must Be Strong

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away lived a kid who hadn’t a care in the world. In the small Indiana town he called home, he had a ton of friends and spent his summers riding bikes around the neighborhood, building makeshift ramps out of scrap pieces of wood, and giving the stay-at-home moms (of which there were many in those days) around the neighborhood minor heart attacks with stunts that would give Evel Knievel pause. Then one day his own mother told him the grandfather he loved more than anything was dying of leukemia. The family would move to Michigan as his dad had agreed to step in and run the auto parts stores his grandfather had turned into a thriving business. His first day of school in Michigan would set the tone for the remainder of his childhood. One of the kids took him aside and told him that if anyone tried to beat him up, he’d protect him. Why anyone would beat him up was such a foreign concept. …