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It’s funny how, as I get older, I’m losing track of time the way everyone said I would. I didn’t believe it, but here I am dropping the ball as often as I juggle the others. If you do not recognize a particular theme with this mixtape, that’s not your fault because there is none.

Memory Lane has potholes deeper than sinkholes, stuff that never quite gets repaired.

One Friday night, I went for a walk. Turned the corner at Memory and Luck, stepped off the sidewalk, and down I went. Tripped so easily; fell so far. Didn’t think I’d ever hit bottom.

They didn’t find me until Monday morning. No one had thought to look for me there.

It was the best weekend I’d had in years.

Blue Period: Songs for the New Same Old Depression

The kick inside is in the line that finally gets to you
And it feels so good to hurt so bad
And suffer just enough to sing the blues

—Bernie Taupin/Elton John

I’ve long been a believer in the catharsis that occurs when periods of depression have a soundtrack. That unnamed darkness that envelopes you when you are in your lowest moments has no voice—it is up to you to provide that, to give it some form or substance so you can engage it, perhaps handle it, keep it from killing you in small increments.

Such blue periods can be long and unsettling, and we sometimes fear they will do us in. This soundtrack is here for you, for those times; the catharsis is real, and healing. – RS

Last year I reviewed the phenomenal book Queen: The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Crown Kings of Rock. Although I spent a couple of hours reading it before my review, there wasn’t enough time to read every single word — so the book currently sits on my nightstand, and when I get a chance, I read a few pages before turning out the light.

Apart from the usual songs, it’s been a while since I really delved into my Queen collection — as I said in my review, my days of obsessive fandom were in my early teens — and reading the book has really revived my interest in the band. I’ve gone back to my old CDs and listened to a lot of the “deep cuts” from the album, with tremendous enjoyment.

As has also been mentioned, the band has now released eight “greatest hits” compilations, and none of them really bring anything new to the table. So enjoy this week’s mixtape: a collection of some (but not all!) of my favorite underrated Queen songs, mainly from their ’70s albums (and a few more recent). Enjoy!

Michael Parr brings a different take on "Cover Me" to his turn at the The Friday Mixtape. Revisit the neon glow of the '80s and glittery '70s with covers from Erykah Badu, Everything But the Girl, and many more!

That's right, I put a song of my own in there. Julee Cruise - Questions In A World Of Blue from The Voice Of Love (1993) Portishead - Plastic from Third (2008) Radiohead - All I Need from In Rainbows (2008) Moby - Everloving from Play (1999) Faith No More

WARNING: Some material on this week's Mixtape NSFW What's the matter, cap'n? Did Thanksgiving's close quarters with the rest of the family stress you out? You brought up politics again, or religion, or both. The bird was cold in the middle and the demeanor around the


Well, it’s (almost) the end of Beatles Week, and by now, it’s clear that many of you were just as excited about the remasters and video game as we were — Popdose has broken its own single-day traffic records twice this week — and as sad as we are to see the celebration end, we knew we had to finish our Fab Four tribute in style. And what better way, we ask you, than with a Friday Mixtape of Beatles songs — not the originals, mind you, and not the remasters, but covers done by other artists?

What we didn’t realize when we started assembling our little treat was just how many Beatles covers there are. In the course of a single afternoon, the Popdose staff put its hard drives together and came up with an even 100, and that’s just scratching the surface — but it does make for a pretty damn cool Friday afternoon playlist, doesn’t it?

Because none of us was willing to sit in front of a screen for several hours and build 100 links, we’ve done a couple of things to ease the burden: One, we’ve bundled up the whole compilation into a giant zip file; two, we’ve laid out the whole list here, and randomly selected 18 “singles” that you can grab a la carte.

Take a look, folks. More Beatles covers than you can shake a stick at, and some rather unexpected ones to boot. Enjoy — but be forewarned: in the interest of preserving our servers’ sanity, that big ol’ zip file won’t stay up for long. Get it while you can!

Levon Helm - White Dove from Electric Dirt (2009) Martin's Dam - Fear Of Flying from Sky Above (1998) Marty Willson-Piper - Swan from Hanging out in Heaven (2000) Simple Minds - Stand By Love (live) from Silver Box (2004) Porterdavis - Come Closer (live) from Live at Eddie's

Spiritual Mansions - The Sweeter Side from Touched (2009) Story of the Sea - Own Devices from Lunar Co. (2008) Dan Auerbach - I Want Some More from Keep It Hid (2009) Herbie Hancock - All Apologies from The New Standard (1995) Future Clouds and Radar - Feet on

Lee Feldman - Monkeys from The Man in a Jupiter Hat (2000) Gang Starr - Precisely The Right Rhymes from Step in the Arena (1991) Django Reinhardt - Sweet Georgia Brown from Verve Jazz Masters 38 (1994) Gov't Mule - Like Flies from High and Mighty (2006) The Windbreakers

Snoop Dogg feat. Sly Stone - Dr. King Remember from Web Release (2009) Jessie Kilguss - A Little Place Behind My Eyes from Nocturnal Drifter (2008) Illinois - Are You Coming with Me? from The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe - Chapter 3 (2009) The Naked Hearts - Cat

Marvin Gaye - My Love Is Growing from Let's Get It On (Deluxe Edition) (2001) Mavis Staples - This Little Light from We'll Never Turn Back (2007) B.B. King - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean from One Kind Favor (2008) Babyface - Whip Appeal from A

Beau Jocque and The Zydeco Hi-Rollers - Give It To Me from Pick Up on This! (1994) Pictures And Sound - It's You from Pictures and Sound (2008) Bel Auburn - Lullaby In C from Lullabies in A & C (2006) Ralph Stanley - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

M. Ward - Outta My Head from Transfiguration of Vincent (2003) 10cc - Sand In My Face from The Complete UK Recordings (2004) Zoot Sims - Someone To Watch Over Me from Zoot Sims And The Gershwin Brothers (1975) Max Roach - Freedom Day from We Insist! -

Jackopierce - Everything I'm Not from Promise of Summer (2008) Toto - These Chains from The Seventh One (1988) Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The One Who Got Us Out from Shake the Sheets (2004) Brian Setzer - Real Wild Child from Rockabilly Riot, Vol. 1 (2005) Blitzen

Taj Mahal - Funky Bluesy ABC's from Shake Sugaree (1987) Crown Jewels - Last Confession from Linoleum (1998) Dawayne Bailey - The Sad Parade from Joyland (2006) Darden Smith - Stronger (live) from Ojo (2007) David Sanborn - Jesus from Another Hand (1991) Slick Rick - Hey Young World from

Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches from Robyn (2008) Charlie Parker - My Little Suede Shoes from Talkin' Bird (1999) Billy Pilgrim - Lady of the Mist from Bloom (1995) Jeff Beck - Thelonius from Blow by Blow (1975) Dr. John - Now That You Got Me from Creole Moon (2001) Little