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Music, Weeknight '80s Dance Party

Weeknight ’80s Dance Party: Halloween Edition

Need a soundtrack for your Halloween shenanigans? Kelly Stitzel has you covered with a special Halloween edition of the Weeknight '80s...


Mix Six, Music

Mix Six: “The Power of E”

This week's Mix Six goes back to a time when The King of Rock and Roll was resurrected for all to feel the power of E....


Mix Six, Music

Mix Six: “Cities”

DOWNLOAD THE FULL MIX HERE What is it about certain cities that feeds a musician’s muse?  New York is certainly one of the more...


Bottom Feeders, Music

Bottom Feeders: The Ass End of the ’80s, Part 97

This week in Bottom Feeders, Dave Steed brings Dionne Warwick and Warrant together at long last....


CD Reviews, Music

CD Review: Was (Not Was), “Pick of the Litter: 1980 – 2010”

Don Was (born Don Fagenson) and David Was (born David Weiss) grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, and met in junior high school in the 1960s....


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Remembering Doug Fieger

The late Doug Fieger was the frontman for The Knack, but while many know him solely for "My Sharona," Will Harris reminds us how much more...


Basement Songs, Music

Basement Songs: “Hey, Hey, Julie!” … A Mixtape

Two years ago, when I was working on this column’s debut, I wrote about Bruce Springsteen’s “Book of Dreams” and...


Listening Booth, Music

Listening Booth: Was (Not Was), “Boo!”

Don’t look now, but there appears to be something of a soul revival going on these days, and I’m not talking about that...


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The Cassingle Vault: Was (Not Was), “Walk the Dinosaur”

Was (Not Was) – Walk the Dinosaur (1989) Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom, fuckers! Yes, yes, I realize it’s become trendy in...


Monthly Features, Music

Songs for the Dumped: Volume Eleven

Some love stories are full of hideous terror, but some can teach us things, such as that for a not-insignificant portion of the populace,...