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I've always been a big fan of concept albums. More specifically, I've always loved albums that try to craft an actual story - a true beginning-to-end narrative. Classics like "Tommy", "The Wall", and "Ziggy Stardust", have always been among my favorite albums, and more recent

Last week was an absolute disaster for the computer.  Although I wasn't as nervous about it as I usually am, the Eagles continued to suck, and Vegas continued to overvalue them (seriously, making them three point favorites against an undefeated team?  What the hell is

Last week featured a disappointing, if unsurprising, performance for the computer.  With its biggest bet coming in on Oakland to cover as four point favorites, the computer was starting out in a hole, and a surprisingly tough game from the Jets wasn't enough for it

After having its worst week of the season two weeks ago, Gamblor fought back admirably and had, statistically, its best week of the season last week.  Driven primarily by Denver's incredible comeback (or Philip Rivers' incredible meltdown, depending on how you want to look at

Away Home Spread Gamblor's Pick Bet Amount Son of Gamblor's Pick Bet Amount Overall Pick Overall Bet CLE at PIT -14 CLE $3.46 PIT $1.32 CLE --- IND at BAL -16.5 IND $4.50 --- --- IND --- HOU at CIN -3 CIN $155.89 CIN $285.48 CIN $441.37 KAN at NYJ -9 KAN $10.94 NYJ $29.98 NYJ $19.04 MIN at DET -7 MIN $9.00 --- --- MIN $9.00 NOS at TEN 3.5 TEN --- NOS $0.33 NOS --- PHI at MIA -3 PHI $24.02 PHI $10.17 PHI $34.19 NEP at WAS 8 WAS $179.43 WAS $196.69 WAS $376.12 ATL at CAR 3 CAR $10.87 --- --- CAR $10.87 TAM at JAC 0 TAM $11.01 --- --- TAM $11.01 SNF at ARI 4 ARI $3.74 ARI $3.91 ARI $7.64 CHI at DEN -3.5 DEN --- DEN $13.77 DEN $13.77 OAK at GNB -11 OAK $3.88 --- --- OAK --- BUF at SND -7 BUF $13.91 SND $4.73 BUF $9.19 NYG at DAL -3 NYG $38.21 NYG $35.28 NYG $73.49 STL at SEA -6 STL $3.12 STL $0.19 STL --- CLEVELAND BROWNS at PITTSBURGH STEELERS Computer's Pick: Cleveland (+14) Bet Amount: $2.14 (Conflict) COMMENTS: This should be another easy walkthrough for Pittsburgh, but as I keep saying, you really can't trust them