Most of these conceptual mixtapes are motivated by the book in question.  And while I enjoyed “Gone Girl,” it wasn’t really at the front of the line of books that I wanted to put together a mixtape for.  But one afternoon while I was at Home Goods I heard Greg Laswell’s “Nicely Played” on the overhead speakers, and thought that it fit perfectly with the general conceit of Amy Dunne’s vindictive scheme to destroy her husband.

As with most best-sellers, the film rights to “Gone Girl” were very quickly optioned and the movie will be released in October.  I don’t know why, but I have this strange sense of misgiving that Gillian Flynn will not turn out to be a good screenwriter.  But I think the novel was great fun.

Popdose Conceptual Theater – Gone Girl

1.  “Tallahassee” – The Mountain Goats

Life in a soulless McMansion in North Carthage.

2.  “She’s Long Gone” – The Black Keys

The first few desperate hours.

3.  “One Step Behind” – Palpitation

Nick encounters and begins to decipher Amy’s clues.

4.  “Here to Help” – The Cams

The locals gather to help search, some are more friendly than is appropriate. 

5.  “Dirty Little Secret” – The All-American Rejects

Nick’s dalliance.

6.  “Mama’s Boy” – Jason Martin & The Corner Pocket

Nick pays a visit to an old friend of Amy’s and his mother. 

7.  “Rough Detective” – The Dead Weather

The local police start to suspect there are some holes in Nick’s story. 

8.  “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” – OK Rainbow Thief

Amy’s clues lead to some disturbing revelations.

9.  “She Lives” – Swans

The big reveal. 

10.  “Hideaway” – Mystery Jets

Amy’s current locale and her rumination on Nick’s infidelity.

11.  “Catfish” – The Excellos

Amy experiences local culture in the Ozarks. 

12.  “Destitute” – Tetrad Band

Amy’s narrowly focused planning leaves her vulnerable.

13.  “Secrets” – Detective Agency

Nick begins to learn the truth about his wife. 

14.  “The Prisoner” – The Dutchess & The Duke

Amy realizes she doesn’t have as much control over Desi as she expected to.

15.  “Bite the Hand That Needs You” – Drinking Flowers

One last act of treachery to bring the couple back together. 

16.  “Nicely Played” – Greg Laswell

A precarious peace descends on the Dunne household.