The Friday Linkfest: 12/17/10

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The Internet moves fast. Here’s a fond look back at our favorite links from the last seven days:

Games beat books 2:1 on Kindle‘s sales chart [Kotaku]

More than 2/3 of America’s broadband connections aren’t actually broadband [Gizmodo]

The Damnwells set release date for new album [Addicted to Vinyl]

Bernie Sanders delivers epic filibuster rant [Salon]

Electric eel powers Christmas tree lights [BoingBoing]

Watch the Metrodome collapse from the inside [Gawker]

The story behind “Viva Tirado” [Soul-Sides]

Cat Power at the BBC [captainsdead]

In praise of Gregory Abbott’s “Shake You Down” [Ickmusic]

Introducing the Web comic “Suburban Metal Dad” [Addicted to Vinyl]

D.X. Ferris returns with another holiday mixtape — in two volumes! [Addicted to Vinyl]

The Assassination of Yogi Bear by the Coward Boo-Boo [Wall Street Journal]

Miley Cyrus doesn’t owe you an apology [Salon]

New York: the city that never sleeps — or stops drinking tiny crustaceans with pincers on them [Jeff Vrabel]

The 25 best album covers of 2010 [Paste]

Kill the body, the head will die: Long live the (new) liner notes [The 6149]

Nicolas Cage loses his mind, for real this time [AV Club]

The most super amazing science photos of 2010 [Gizmodo]

Legacy readies new Playlist titles for 2011 [The Second Disc]

“Look inside. It’s amazing.” [MAKE]

Why is Disney hiding the original Tron? [Salon]

The top 12 ’80s holiday movies [Culture Brats]

Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses: 12/13/10 [Daytrotter]

This great eBay scam will warm your heart [Gizmodo]

2010’s biggest letdowns [My Old Kentucky Blog]

Listen to the new R.E.M. [Popblerd!]

The Christmas hit that wasn’t [The Hits Just Keep on Comin’]

The Kelly Brothers, “Crystal Blue Persuasion” [Funky16Corners]

Prince turns New Jersey purple [Popblerd!]

Jazz favorites for 2010 [Something Else]

In praise of The Big Payback [Soul Sides]

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