Merry Christmas, everybody! Wait a minute…shit, we missed Christmas. We missed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Valentine’s Day, too. What the hell is wrong with us? Don’t we know we have a responsibility to provide you with at least an hour of rambling per month? Well, schedules have finally cleared up (that takes care of December and January) and computers have temporarily stopped crashing (February), and so we’re finally back with a brand-new episode of The Popdose Podcast! Let there be rejoicing and much drinking from the few of you that aren’t already in a drunken stupor (and that includes two of my podcast colleagues)!

This month, with no burning topic presenting itself (other than Jeff’s mom getting rid of that rash — could we get a doctor to guest on the show, please? Literally, it’s burning), we decided to revisit a topic we covered at Dave’s blog many moons ago:

It’sĀ  been too long since CHART ATTACK! has made an appearance on Popdose, something I intend to rectify (ha! I said rectify! I totally did!) this year. Until then, though, you can hear our brilliant, insightful ruminations on the Top 10 from March 9, 1985!

The Popdose Podcast, Episode 16: Chart Attack! (1:19:50, 73.1 MB), featuring Jeff Giles, Jason Hare, and Dave Lifton.
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0:00 Jeff has to go and bring up Charlie Goddamn Sheen. Luckily this conversation ends quickly, because it’s time for…

5:17 …The Top 10 from March 9, 1985! Unsurprisingly, Jeff and Dave are meh about this chart, and I like it quite a lot. Fuck ’em. And feel free to agree/disagree in the comments!

10. Misled — Kool & the Gang

9. Sugar Walls — Sheena Easton

8. I Want To Know What Love Is — Foreigner

7. Neutron Dance — Mr. Pointer The Pointer Sisters

6. Too Late For Goodbyes — Julian Lennon

5. Material Girl — Madonna

4. California Girls — David Lee Roth

3. The Heat Is On — Glenn Frey

2. Careless Whisper — Wham! Featuring George Michael

Bonus links:

Original video

Wham! Featuring George Michael – Careless Whisper (Jerry Wexler Remix) (download)

and your #1 song for the week ending March 9, 1985:

1. Can’t Fight This FeelingĀ  — REO Speedwagon

Video 1:

Video 2:

…and that’s it! You made it! Congratulations! And you know what comes next:


1:08:46 Jeff and Jason share an endorsement for the phenomenal new album by The Damnwells, No One Listens To the Band Anymore. (Song: The Damnwells, “Werewolves”)

1:14:41 Dave’s endorsement this month goes to Lucinda Williams’ Blessed — read Dave’s review on WFW and Ken Shane’s on Popdose. (Song: Lucinda Williams, “Buttercup”)

Wrappin’ It Up

…And we’re out! Hope you enjoyed our look back at the Billboard charts — we certainly had a blast. Please join us in the comments for more discussion on these songs. Do you have a topic suggestion for next month? Let us know! If you like what you hear, please leave us a review on iTunes, and don’t forget to visit our Facebook fan page as well as the Popdose Twitter feed. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next month!