The Sixteenth Day of Mellowmas: Bluezmas Bop

Jeff: Another day of Mellowmas? Really? How many of these have we done already? It feels like 50.

Jason: You sound like my wife. I haven’t been keeping count, but I believe that we have done 72 this season so far.

Jeff: No wonder I’m already drunk.

Jason: I think we should let our readers in on a little secret.

Jeff: I’m not wearing any pants.

Jason: And no, not that you’re drunk. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows you’re not wearing pants, too.

Jeff: Hmm.

Jason: The secret is that, for the past few years, Mellowmas chatting has started right around Halloween.

Jeff: And yet we still end up doing this right on through December.

Jason: We do have 25 tracks to discuss, after all, and that doesn’t even include the ones that don’t get published because they were actually not bad. Like Genie Francis and Wang Chung and…oops, we published those.

Jeff: It’s true, Mellowmas is a lot of work. I wonder if these a-holes appreciate the way we suffer for our art. You know who definitely doesn’t appreciate it? DAVE LIFTON.

Jason: Dave Lifton doesn’t appreciate anything. You know that. Except seeing his name in print, so he’s as happy as a pig in shit right now.

Jeff: Yes, that’s true. But in this particular case, he was motivated to try and punish us.

Jason: By making us do the podcast?

Jeff: That was bad enough. But no, you know what I mean.

Jason: I do.

Jeff: I don’t want to type the words, but they contain an ironic letter Z.

Jason: Hmm. Bruce Zpringzteen?

Jeff: Close!

Jason: You know, The Bozz? Who?

Jeff: Right, that dude from New Jerzey. No, I’m talking about the muzical sensation that we all love to hate. deep breath KIDZ BOP.

Jason: Kidz Bop? How is that close to Bruce Springsteen? Oh, right, I hate them both.

Jeff: rimshot And Dave Lifton knows who both of them are, because he suggested we cover A Kidz Bop Christmas this year.

Jason: Yes, Kidz Bop. And what I was going to say, before you rudely interrupted me to talk about Dave Lifton, was that it was especially appropriate that we started Mellowmas chats on Halloween, because that was the last time I listened to a Kidz Bop album.

Jeff: I seem to remember something about that.

Jason: You “seem” to remember?

Jeff: You enjoyed it, as I recall.

Jason: You asshole. You recall so incorrectly, you have no idea.

Jeff: Focus, Jason. Dave Lifton iz the enemy here.

Jason: For those of you who don’t follow Popdose on Twitter, this past Halloween, Jeff sent me the Kidz Bop Halloween Party album, and I created a small, Twitter-only holiday called “Melloween.”

Jeff: More fun than your grandmother’s birthday party!

Jason: I chose to do it by myself and only on Twitter, otherwise I knew ol’ fuckface Giles was going to come up with “The 25 Days of Melloween” and give me a heart attack.

Jeff: You know, that’s a great idea…


Jeff: I confess, I’ve never listened to a Kidz Bop record. Today will be my first.

Jason: I’ll tell you honestly: after you get through the first few tracks, you just become numb.

Jeff: Hmm. Kidz Bop sounds like bourbon.

Jason: I’m sure that’s exactly what the producers say, too.

Jeff: “What? A Kidz Bop Easter, Volume 2? Fine, fuck it. Why not?” glug

Jason: So I remember doing the live-tweeting of the Halloween album, and then opening up our Mellowmas schedule and seeing the Christmas album on the list.


Jason: That’s exactly what you had written on the schedule!

Jeff: I strive for consistency.

Jason: So what do you say? You wanna do the whole album right now?

Jeff: Wait, what?

Jason: Ha ha ha ha ha! I wish I could see the look on your face!

Jeff: I might be drunk, but I’m not THAT drunk. I will suffer through one song with you.

Jason: Sure, okay. One song. Let’s see…”Silver Bells”? No, that’s lame.

Jeff: I don’t even know which songs were on the album I sent you. Or which Kidz Bop Christmas album it was, to be honest. There are at least three.

Jason: “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”? No, that’s to be expected.


Jason: Do you really think that surprises anybody? This is apparently a popular franchise.

Jeff: That damn Chipmunks song isn’t on there, is it?

Jason: No, actually, it’s not. You got lucky. They do “The 12 Days of Christmas,” but after Figglehorn, that just seems cruel.

Jeff: I seem to be dodging bullets left and right here!

Jason: Ooooh! I got it! This is probably one of the worst choices ever for Kidz Bop. If only they covered Mr. Garrison’s “Merry Fucking Christmas.”

Jeff: You’re scaring me.

Jason: On the bright side, all the Kidz Bop tunes are short, so you only have to suffer through a couple of minutes. Take a shot and buck up, pal.

Jeff: Stop keeping me in suspense, damn you.

Jason: Ready?

Jeff: I’m sitting down.

Jason: Go! Wait a minute. I think I accidentally pressed play on the Brady Christmas album.

Kidz Bop – Blue Christmas


Jason: Listen to the awfulness! DRINK IT IN!

Jeff: Even under the best of circumstances, this is one of my least favorite Christmas songs.

Jason: Listen to that chorus of voices! All those kids, echoing, like, one kid who can sing.

Jeff: Oh God, this is terrible.
(start calling)

Jason: “Hey, baby. Yeah, I played the guitar solo on Kidz Bop’s ‘Blue Christmas.’ Hey, where are you going?”

Jeff: Yeah, exactly! I was just wondering who played tambourine on this piece of shit. I’m sure it was programmed, but I want to believe it was really some lonely session hack.

Jason: The guitar sounds a little out of tune, so it might actually be Lifton.

Jeff: This is spectacularly bad.

Jason: They let some girl take a solo on the pre-chorus!

Jeff: And it cuts off during the synth bells at the end! Holy shit, does that carry over until the next track? Is A Kidz Bop Christmas a concept album?

Jason: The Halloween record was the same way — instead of bells, it was ghoulish-y noises.


Jason: I don’t believe there’s any silence between any of the tracks. You know, just like a true party record!

Jeff: Right, “a true party.” You can draw a straight line between this and the Beach Boys party records. And then you can hang yourself with it.

Jason: Wouldn’t it have been awesome if each Christmas track was separated with the ghost and goblin noises?

Jeff: Just as with the Fred Figglehorn track, I can’t help honestly wondering why this shit is so popular.

Jason: Well, you have kids. You tell me.

Jeff: But I can’t. There’s a lot of really great kids’ music out there. I mean, maybe 25 years ago I could understand crap like this taking off. But not today. Even the Barenaked Ladies made a children’s album!

Jason: Okay, but you’re thinking of parents who, like, KNOW music. What about parents who don’t know music but know they’re supposed to give their kids something to entertain themselves? Something musical?

Jeff: Even if you’re the type of adult who only buys one album a year, and that one album is Rod Stewart singing the Great American Songbook, I have to think Kidz Bop is too painful to bear.

Jason: Of course it’s painful. You don’t think they LIKE it, do you? They don’t! They’re just doing it because they think it’ll shut up their kids! I’ll tell you this: if this album could shut up Dave Lifton, I’d play it all year.

Jeff: I’m laughing so hard right now I can barely type enough to do an Amazon search for a Kidz Bop box set to send Dave Lifton.

Jason: JEFF DO

  • Michael Burke


    As awful as this is, I did chuckle that the famous backing vocal line has been picked up by the bass.

  • Michael Burke


    As awful as this is, I did chuckle that the famous backing vocal line has been picked up by the bass.

  • grayflannelsuit

    The first time someone gives me or my son a Kidz Bop CD, they’re getting a face full of hot McDonald’s coffee.

  • Anonymous

    The one thing I can’t get over (besides the fact that this version is crap and even auto-tune couldn’t save some of these kids’ voices) is that they’ve recorded an UPBEAT VERSION of “Blue Christmas”! What the F don’t the people who put this atrocity together get about this song? It’s a sad song! A pleading song. Not a let’s sing “Up With People” style and do The Monkey song!

    The only “rational” explanation I could imagine is that they booked only a hour of studio time to make the whole album, and didn’t have enough time to have the kids sing the song at it’s intended pace. I just imagine the producer on the other side of the glass screaming at the kids: “Faster! Sing faster you little brats!”

  • Old_Davy

    Screw the “War on Christmas”. Can we declare a “War on Mellowmas?”

  • dslifton

    I liked this one because it was about me.

  • el bandito

    you guys suck for doing this to us…

  • Scott in StL

    Found you guys through Dave Lifton and knew with all of your anti-Springsteen shit (mostly from a Richard Marx apologist nonetheless) it was only a matter of time this year before Dave became your target, so predictable. So if Bruce sucks so bad, why don’t you “mellowmas” his Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Oh- that’s right… because its good!

    Seriously, thanks for ruining another otherwise nice morning. Good thing you guys only do this in December when I’m not so productive anyways.

  • dslifton

    Thanks for sticking up for me, whoever you are!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before…here I go again…I don’t really hate Springsteen at all. I’m not a fan of his music, but I think he’s an awesome musician, performer, and guy. I just can’t stand that everybody writes about him constantly like he’s the second coming of Christ. Dave specifically will not shut up about him, which I guess shouldn’t surprise me since Dave specifically will not shut up about anything.

    I’d feel this way about any artist talked about non-stop, including Richard Marx, who is awesome and you can go straight to hell. (A quick path is to stay at this site through December 25th.)

  • dslifton

    In fairness to Jason (and I don’t see a reason to be fair to that idiot for any reason other than my own awesomeness), he did say on the last podcast that every artist should have something as great as the Darkness box for their fans.

  • Jeanne Marie

    Your ego is as TALL as you are…gotta love ya.

  • Scott in StL

    Dave – we’ve emailed/pm’d (whatever) before on BTX (slingshot_scott).

    All good points, and I do believe that Mellowmas is sending me straight to hell. When I found it two years ago it was unique and comical. Last year, I really appreciated the sheer dedication to crappy Christmas music (year round rating and cataloging of xmas music in iTunes!?), this year I’m just depressed.

    Jason, every Springsteen fanatic has these people in their lives…”OK we get it, he’s good, you love him. Just SHUT UP already” For me most of the time its my wife.

  • dslifton

    Gotcha. I haven’t been on BTX in a while, so please forgive me for not remembering.

  • Anonymous

    Dave has a hard time remembering people if they don’t respond with “Ha ha
    ha!” after something he’s written.

  • Anonymous

    Dave has a hard time remembering people if they don’t respond with “Ha ha
    ha!” after something he’s written.

  • Anonymous

    Dave has a hard time remembering people if they don’t respond with “Ha ha
    ha!” after something he’s written.

  • Matt Springer

    Lifton has this story from the Rising tour about Springsteen’s stage sweat sealing a nasty wound on his arm during “Hungry Heart.”


  • JonCummings

    The fact that this comments section about Kidz Bop is dominated by a discussion of Springsteen fandom speaks volumes. I bet the Kidz would do a spectacular version of “Thunder Road.”

    Here’s the deal. I can’t imagine there’s a parent out there that WANTS to buy a kid a Kidz Bop CD. But they plug the damn things incessantly on Nick & Disney, and the kids wind up sitting there and singing along to the song snippets, then demanding the parents buy the CD. As Jeanne Tripplehorn almost said in Basic Instinct, “It’s evil! And brilliant!”

    As much as I loathe the entire concept, I do have a very sweet memory of my daughter at age 4 caterwauling along to the snippet of “Behind These Hazel Eyes” from the ad for Kidz Bop 485, or whatever. It was a great-misheard-lyric situation, as she wailed, “Here I am, once again/I’m talkin’ to pieces…”

  • Anonymous

    Getting yelled at by Annie Lennox doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

  • dslifton

    The “Jersey Baptism” took place on the Working On A Dream tour. I actually missed the Rising tour.

  • dslifton

    Jon, you were a wonderful contributor to my first book, and for that I am eternally grateful. But you’re burning in Hell for suggesting that Kidz Bop cover Bruce.

  • Anonymous


  • Beau

    Dave just listens to Springsteen to cleanse himself after writing about Sarah Palin. (Saw that book at Barnes and Noble. And not mine. No justice in this world, I tell you.)

  • Beau

    I do not think Kidz Bop should cover Springsteen. I think they should cover Air Supply.

    “Lost in love, and I don’t know much … WHEE!! …”

  • dslifton

    In fairness, Beau, my book about Sarah Palin doesn’t have Alexi Lalas as a main source.

    But everybody should buy Beau’s book. In case you missed it, here’s my review of it on this site.

  • Francis

    But what exactly are the “bonus sounds of Christmas”? Are the bells in between tracks a “bonus”? Or is there, like, an ambient track made by someone who went out and took field recordings on Christmas?

  • Wayoutjunk

    As far as I’m concerned, this will always be the best children’s version of “Blue Christmas.” It even melts Santa’s heart!

  • Thierry Côté

    It used to be that I associated “Lifton” with Springsteen, soccer, or the Yankees. Now, all I can think of when I see that name is “Kidz Bop”.

  • Thierry Côté

    Is writing a book about Sarah Palin the writer’s equivalent of being that guy who plays the solo on a Kidz Bop version of “Blue Christmas”? I think it is.

  • Anonymous

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! #liftonfail

  • dslifton

    I’d be willing to hear KidzBop cover Springsteen, but only if there’s an unsanitized version of “Reno” on it.