Music is a melting pot, and any one band can draw influences from all over the place. Canadian rockers Bad Reed crack a couple of good-music eggs into a skillet and scramble. The result is a sound that parallels Alabama Shakes and A Perfect Circle, but is shaped into something wholly their own.

We asked the band for five of their most influential songs any why they inspire their sound, particularly on their three-song EP (out now). Here’s what they said.

1. “In the Court of the Crimson King,” King Curtis

“Every inkling from 1969-2016, spearheaded by the legend Robert Fripp and his ever-changing pool of talent, has been sheer sonic gold. Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and Bill Bruford are among my favorite musicians of all time, and they know what’s up!”

2. “Lingus (We Like It Here),” Snarky Puppy

“Modern jazz and progressive rock rolled into a super smooth group that is unlike any other. These guys know how to write an album, and Michael League is a songwriting visionary.”

3. “Back to Black,” Amy Winehouse

“I have always admired how intimate her lyrics are, and how strong and soulful her voice was. As well, I have been feeling a lot of influence from Adrian Belew; particularly from his energy and presence. I love the way he owns a stage.”

4. “Smooth Sailing,” Queens of the Stone Age

“I really enjoy their stage presence, and they play some pretty wicked music.”

5. “Immigrant Song,” Led Zeppelin

“Balls, integrity, intelligence. They’ve got it all. I can’t see a four piece achieving more then they have.”

Check out “Casanova” from Bad Reed’s self-titled EP below!

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