Over the past few years, we as music listeners have been #blessed with strong female vocalists that recall iconic songstresses of the past, women like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday. Enter Kylie Odetta, whose voice recalls not only legendary performers, but falls somewhere between Lana Del Ray, Norah Jones, and Macy Grey. Her vocals combine silky smoothness with a sultry passion that’s the winning concoction for an irresistible sound.

She takes it a step further in her new video for “Can’t Erase It,” embodying the very era that her style recalls. When juxtaposed against a vintage vignette, the songs sounds positively timeless. But if you close your eyes, however, you just might think you’re listening to a trendy radio station in 2016 (which, in a way, you are).

Check out “Can’t Erase It” below, and look for Kylie Odetta’s new album, out February 12!

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Allison Johnelle Boron

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