How to you go from growing up on a Washington farm to getting a master’s in social work to embarking on a career as a stand-up comic? You don’t get to ask that question every day, but Brian Moote proves the exception to the rule in this episode of A Fine Mess.

He’s been featured on the first two seasons of MTV’s Money From Strangers, performed on Nickelodeon’s stand-up series Mom’s Nite Out, and has also been seen on the USA Network’s Characters Welcome. And now he’s here! WE’RE SO LUCKY. This episode finds us delving into everything from life on the road to the horror of doing a 30-minute set before a hostile crowd at a reggaeton concert. You think your job’s tough? Try living on baskets of fried cheese.

As I say in the intro, I’ve avoided interviewing comics for A Fine Mess until now, simply because there’s no shortage whatsoever of podcasts featuring comics talking about their craft. But all the fear and blockage that creative types deal with is multiplied when your chosen field involves standing alone onstage in front of roomful after roomful of strangers and just…talking, so I knew we’d get around to a comedian eventually, and Brian Moote is a funny guy with an interesting story to tell. Go see him live — but first, listen to our discussion here:

A Fine Mess, Episode 7: Brian Moote

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