fragiletomorrow_655This band from South Carolina hits the mark with their fourth album, a Mitch Easter/Ted Comerford-produced collection of 14 songs that span the pop spectrum. The warm vocals of Sean Kelly, the taut, crisp drumming of (twin brother) Dominic Kelly, the fills and strokes of brother Brendan Kelly, and the deep bass of Shaun Rhoades make for a pleasing combination that reminds me of many bands I’ve loved over the years. To say they may wear their influences proudly might be an unfair assumption but for me, the standout track, “Blank Paper” reminds me of (my beloved) Big Star, which is something I don’t say lightly. (If it isn’t Big Star, perhaps the Windbreakers? Either way, a clear bullseye.) The production enhances the ringing guitars as evidenced on the album’s opener, “Don’t Need Saving,” which chimes in a classic, “American” way. “Loyalty Lies” is ethereal and melancholic; “Long Time To Be Happy” had me thinking about another favorite of mine, Dumptruck. “Kernersville” has a shimmering riff and “Three More Hours” harkens back to the ’60’s with a Byrds-y vibe. I look forward to hearing more from A Fragile Tomorrow and hopefully seeing them live in the New York area. Highly recommended.

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