thI’ve seen the lovely Ms. Bonet of the blue violin perform on several occasions as part of Richard Barone’s band and it’s here that she gets to shine with an album that radiates warmth and a feeling of “good time music” (any Lovin’ Spoonful fans listening?). The album opens up with a whirlwind in “Girl Lover,” a duet with producer, co-writer and guitarist Mr. Barone. A comet of a song, the first thing I’m struck by is the “live room” feel in the production, which immediately charms the listener. “Get On With It” grooves in a way that you wouldn’t expect a violin to boogie. “Girl Party” is a happy-pop bop along and includes the inimitable Fred Schneider; “Please Please Me” is re-imagined in a way I’d never perceive a Beatles track – the arrangement reminds me of an Eastern European/traditional Jewish wedding type of feel! “Wait And See,” which is my personal favorite of this collection, is a powerful, straightforward masterpiece and the title track immediately reminded me of The Beach Boys with its gentle opening and melody. All in all, a joy to listen to and be warmed by on a chilly winter’s evening.

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