Good Lord, this is good.  One of my absolute favorite albums this year, Allison Moorer’s Down To Believing is a 13-track blast of passion, quality songwriting and skilled musical performances that leave you breathless and wanting more.  Ms. Moorer has a voice that makes you ache one minute, then turns you on the next.  You feel everything she says in her songs, 12 of which are co-writes (the thirteenth being a wonderful cover of Creedence’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?”).  Forget the usual hyperbole of Allison Moorer being Shelby Lynne’s sister (and I LOVE Shelby Lynne, make no mistake) and being Steve Earle’s wife (and I respect him immensely) – Allison Moorer is her own performer – one with power, heart and damn it, balls, once you give this album a listen.

Kicking you awake from the first note, “Like It Used To Be” is just prime country-fried rock in big, bold letters with a gusto-filled delivery; “Thunderstorm/Hurricane” is dramatic and powerful, lush and intense; “I Lost My Crystal Ball” is pure gut emotion.  The title track, “Down To Believing” has so much warmth and sweetness from her singing, it can put tears in your eyes; “If I Were Stronger” is simply gorgeous, with its piano opening and sweeping melody which builds and builds along with that voice; “Mama Let The Wolf In” is a sleek, country groove that swings and her reading of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?” is perfect.

And that’s what this album is – it’s perfect.  I can listen to it over and over again and be amazed every time.  The sound; the production is pure gold and the lyrics match the music on every level.  This is as pure and heartfelt as you can get – at least to my mind.  And you simply cannot ask for better.  I believe – Allison Moorer is IT.


Down To Believing is available now


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