On Love Is The Great Rebellion, Australian native Ben Lee kicks in the next phase of his lengthy career by launching his debut with Warner Bros. Records.  A mixture of emotionally-focused songs – dealing with reflection, mistakes, correction and hope – these thirteen tracks holds together as a single unit beautifully; a concept of thoughts, broken down one by one.

Opening with the groove of “Giving Up On Miracles” (the upbeatness of the tune is a perfect contradiction to the title!), there is a warmth and passion in Lee’s voice that immediately draws you in and embrace just this first track.  “Goodbye To Yesterday” is fast-paced, breezy and has a joyful abandon, while “Forgiveness” has “single” written all over it, with its strong melody and catchy chorus.  “Big Love” is an absolute standout and could easily be a hit – again, catchy and heartwarming; “Everybody Dies” has a Nilsson-esque quality about it – telling a story with wryness mixed with gentility and “Victory” is a big-sounding piece with its beefy horns (and again, Lee finds the groove).  The soft sweetness of “The Universe Inside” is touching and a perfect piece with its orchestral arrangements as “God Is A Fire” is a fine closing number with its stripped down guitar, vocal chorale and lush keyboard.

In a now twenty-year career, Lee’s songwriting has reached a height of finesse and sophistication; with this release, he’s certainly reached an artistic height that could be considered upon even one listen his crowning achievement.  Love Is The Great Rebellion is a definitely a shining moment of 2015.


Love Is The Great Rebellion is available now


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