In today’s technologically inclined society, it’s no shocker that electronica is probably the hottest rising genre infiltrating all other styles of music. From pop to funk to folk, dribs and drabs of computer-generated beats, synths, and drones are seamlessly integrated, so much so that sometimes it’s hard to realize they’re even there. One artist who’s truly carving out her own niche within the realm is Los Angeles-based self-proclaimed “electropop queen” Tetra. What makes her unique is that, yes, she fully takes advantage of everything digital production has to offer and does it skillfully. But the current (see what I did there?) running under her music is truly authentic, giving her songs a universal appeal and a level of listenability that’s hard to come by for some of her peers.

Her new seven-song EP, Meter (the title of which we can only hope is a play on tetrameter), embraces the future, while remaining wholly in the present. Its first single, “Bad Things,” even leans towards jazz, Tetra’s silky smooth vocal complementing the slightest hint of auto-tune and thwacking backbeat. Its vibe totally fits with what’s blasting out of hip clubs these days and could easily find a radio home between Sia and Ellie Goulding. Meanwhile, “Reason to Breathe” sounds like something Madonna might record if she were an indie artist in 2015, and “Ruby Red Lips” skews on the soulful side. But it’s her second single, “The Tunnel,” that has the most potential to turn into an epic jam; it’s an easygoing anthem, but as with any great electronic-based song, it’s rife with possibilities for remixes, acoustic versions, and live singalongs. And, as it’s clear that Tetra is the type of artist who looks into her crystal ball and knows exactly where music is going, it’s likely she’ll take advantage of exploring her creations to the fullest.

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Allison Johnelle Boron

Allison lives in Los Angeles where she is a freelance music journalist, jug band enthusiast, and industry observer. She is also the editor of REBEAT magazine. Find her on Twitter.

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