Here’s a guy with one of the most varied and impressive resumes in music – across the boards.  Journalist, publicist (starting at Apple Records), D.J., photographer and now singer/performer.  Irish native BP Fallon has basically seen it all and done it all and now he’s about to release his Live In Texas album as a limited-edition release – 700 copies only.  So this may stand as both an instant rarity and a treat.  And I do recommend you look up and read about this fascinating man.

Recorded in his adopted home of Austin, and backed by some pretty great musicians, this album is a 9 track get-down, pure acoustic blues-a-billy gloryfest mixed with spoken word.  Aaron Lee Tasjan, who I had the good fortune of seeing last year open up for Booker T. is the main guitarist; Danny B. Harvey, the veteran guitar-slinger and the one and only Joe “King” Carrasco are the other two accomplices who help Fallon make this album FEEL.  Which it does.  “I Believe In Elvis Presley” goes right into you, as he reels off a list of who and what he believes in – it makes you want to start shouting along with him; “The War To Fight For Love” is a crisp sounding verbal waterfall to the many facets to love and “Increasingly Often” has some wonderful finger picking and a quietly delivered voice.

Being that this is a live record and a limited edition, it’s nice to have a different style of performance, especially someone who has lived so many lives, as BP Fallon has.  If you can, grab a copy and let this warm you up.


Live In Texas will be released on February 17th, 2015

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