It’s not enough that I really enjoyed Stop, Look & Listen, the debut album from Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Lines West – now comes the 2nd solo album from the band’s singer and guitarist, Brian Larney.  Jupiter With You is an 11-track brightly painted musical painting, shifting from sparking pop to darker, non-linear styles, all the while carrying the listener on an aural train ride that takes you through different territories.

From the impossibly catchy opening song, “Too Many Days Of The Week”, you know you’re going to hear finessed arrangements, hooks, harmonies and melodies.  This continues with “I Just Don’t Feel Like I Used To” and “I’m Out Of Hope You’re Out Of Reach” – a sing-song in the classic sense of the word – back-to-back, these two reminded me of the kind of great POP (emphasis) that Matthew Sweet used to make.  The songs are short; crisp and powerful; an economic guitar solo here (clean, shimmering riffs); an organ embellishment there.  “Straw Man” has a warm and sweet country feel wrapped around rather somber lyrics (although there’s hope in the chorus).  “Long Enough” has a neat, early ’60’s vibe with its strident rhythm and echo-ey guitar figures.  “G&T Goodbye” takes an interesting fork with its opening synth riff which recalls a few ’80’s pop items – again, an interesting mix of styles.

Jupiter With You is a wholly satisfying musical meal.  You’re filled but never over-stuffed.  And if all that wasn’t enough, here’s another Popdose exclusive:  the video for “Lay Down Your Arms”.  So have yourself a moment to savor:


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