Another new, upcoming young voice, Danielle Cormier, 21, is a singer-songwriter who she credits her love for the arts from seeing her first Broadway show at five years old. She grew up in one of the golf capitals of the world (Pinehurst, North Carolina), to a family who owns the Pinehurst Track Restaurant, known for having one of the best blueberry pancakes in the world (ranked third by the Golf Channel)!  However, her first passion is for music, as diplayed on her first full-length album, Fire & Ice.  Produced by Adam Lester (Peter Frampton, Jill Andrews, Backstreet Boys, etc.),  Ms. Cormier says, ”we clicked immediately and he understood my work so perfectly; he took my songs and turned them into something above and beyond I ever could have expected.” Recorded in May 2017 at The Pilot Lounge in Brentwood, Tennessee, the album features 10 original songs, 9 of which Cormier wrote herself.  The biggest surprise on this album? A cameo in ”Can’t Quit You” by none other than guitar legend, Peter Frampton. ”After recording the album, my producer, Adam, left to go on tour with Peter. One night, I got an email from him that Peter picked this song specifically and recorded a guitar solo after the bridge. I listened to it with my mom in my living room and I remember getting to the solo and my jaw just dropping. It’s an honor to have Peter Frampton on my album, especially as an up and coming artist.”  Quite an honor and a feat for someone just getting started; Mr. Frampton’s guitar finesse has always been marveled at and his presence helps give a powerful presence to the song (and subsequently, this album).

“Walking In The Dark”, the album’s opener is a good way to begin – starting by building up and becoming a full “pop” song, it’s catchy and her voice is just right for the song; “Can’t Quit You” has a quasi-country groove – a slower tempo but unquestionably radio-friendly (she has a knack for classic verse-chorus-verse structure) and Mr. Frampton’s guitar solo is on-the-one tasteful and pulls everything together perfectly.  “Fire And Ice” is one of those intense, anthemic pieces that begins with (and reverts to) acoustic guitars that explode into full band mode and works in dramatic fashion; “You’re The One” also has a “pop radio hit” feel – an almost ’70’s Laurel Canyon vibe as it’s executed with Ms. Cormier’s vocals being purposefully restrained, a laid-back tempo and is definitely one of this album’s highlights and “Three Wishes” closes the set with an acoustic shuffle; again, a country-style/texture and very warm.

A highly impressive first full album from Danielle Cormier, Fire & Ice is easy to imagine as one of those “summer albums”, even though it’s been out for a few months.  Doesn’t matter – the songs emit such an intimacy, you can’t help but feel comforted, regardless of the season.


Fire & Ice is currently available

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