Capture4Major life changes can yield a host of outcomes, depending on the person. Some might hideaway, others may celebrate. Still others, like Eric Frisch, put their feelings and observations to song. Frisch penned the whole of his debut album, Goodbye Birdcage, in two weeks as he left his native Toronto for New York City in order to pursue a music career. “Each song tells a different story, but they all come together to outline the narrative of moving out on your own and figuring out your life one adventure at a time,” he says.

Goodbye Birdcage is a wholly unique endeavor. It combines a fresh, indie sound with remnants of ’60s pop. Take, for example, it’s lead single and video, “Pretty Girls.” The song is shrouded in a dreamlike haze that sounds like the Wall of Sound turned to 11, while the song itself is an exercise in earwormy hooks. (The video even contains some Crystals-worthy choreography!)

It’s easy to pinpoint specific nods to the Beach Boys, Beatles and Motown. In fact, on “Telephone,” Frisch mentions hearing something “through the grapevine,” amid the song’s radio-ready catchiness and shuffle beat. The title track is a little more raw, backboned with lush piano orchestration, while “All Over Town” is a “Here, There and Everywhere”-esque ballad. But each song has its own flavor, and each listener will be able to pick out specific nuances that hearken back to perhaps the greatest generation of pop music.

But, keep in mind: this isn’t your Bird-and-Bee brand cutesy nostalgia here. This is legit, direct-from-manufacturer throwback with a modern update. Quality music never goes out of style, and Frisch proves that it’s still possible to combine soul-baring poetry with sunshine pop.

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