This self-proclaimed “Music Ninja” from Los Angeles delivers an interesting set of 7 songs with this, her eleventh release in two years (!).  Strikingly, it’s her use of machinery and technology where she uses her voice and keyboards to approximate various instruments.  I’ve never been a great fan of techonologically-created music; I like several synth-oriented bands, but by nature I’m a rock and roll guy.  Nonetheless, I can appreciate what Kawehi has done here, especially with her take on Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box” – what sounds so layered was actually simple to achieve and yet adds a different slant to the heavy/dirgy original.  This is not on the mini-album but you can see/hear below…

The title track, “Robot Heart” is catchy, syrupy and pleasant ear candy; “Interwebz” is an brief atmospheric piece with some spoken vocals, “Like Her” is a sweet, wistful ballad – a warm piece with a strong melody and a light vocal and “0s +1s” is a tight, danceable groove.  All in all, a nice effort.  Like many others I’ve had the chance to be introduced to, I would like to explore Kawehi’s back catalog further.  But Robot Heart is a go.



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