This quartet who call Brooklyn home are not what one would expect from the borough’s “indie scene”; rather, they’ve got their own interesting thing happening.  Girls On Grass’ debut album, eponymously titled, is ripe with crisp riffs, twangy guitars, a delicious production/sound that mixes country and power pop in a way I haven’t heard and enjoyed in years.

In a lot of ways, singer/guitarist Barbara Endes’ vocals remind me of Vicki Peterson of The Bangles/Continental Drifters, which is a big part of their appeal and the harmonies don’t sound too far off from The Bangles’ trail.  Opening with “Father Says Why”, you instantly get a chill from those first guitar licks and the rhythm section kicking in with an almost ’60’s vibe; “Too Young” is a tongue-in-cheek rave up, mixing Bo Diddley rhythms at the outset, countrified riffs and a strident rhythm (the rhythm section of drummer Nancy Polstein and bassist Dave Mandl is a joy to listen to); “What They Wrought” is slower, brooding – a country-style ballad with semi-psychedelic riffing for good (very good) measure and “Drowning In Ego” is definitely a rodeo stomp/thrash.  “Return To Earth” is a very ’60’s sounding piece, reminding me of Neil Young or (decades later) something from The Rain Parade’s Crashing Dream; “How Does It Feel?” would be right at home in a honkytonk and “One Of The Guys” has shades of soul in it; a slowed down track that could have been cut in Memphis.

It’s evident that a great deal of care went into crafting this album and Girls On Grass have succeeded in making an unforgettable debut.  Melodic, strong, cohesive and just damn good – the perfect hybrid of rock & roll, country and pop.  Serious kudos goes to Girls On Grass for coming out of the dugout and swinging for the fences – they connected.  Quite solidly.


Girls On Grass’ debut album is available now


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