How I missed this on its release in early 2014 is beyond my comprehension, but after seeing them a few nights ago on PBS’ “Music City Roots:  Live From The Factory” and having been given a copy of this album, I sat down and had a fine time working my way through the eleven stellar tracks.  This Texas-based duo of Anthony Trube (vocals/keyboards) and Anthony Farrell (vocals/guitars) share the songwriting duties and have been a force since they first met up in the late ’90’s.

Having put out three albums between 2004 and 2011, they wound up signing to the reactivated Ardent Music for a 3 album deal in 2013; this disc, Accumulator, is the first fruit of that union.  Kicking off with the first single and video, “What’s On Your Mind”, it’s fitting that this track sound so reminiscent of the Hi Records sound, circa the Al Green/Willie Mitchell era of successes; “Soul Navigator” gets right to the Memphis heart of the matter with Steve Cropper-styled guitar runs and a tight rhythm that immediately nods to the finger-snapping sounds of Stax in their heyday; Anthony Trube has a voice that fits perfectly in that soul/groove mode – natural, not forced and smooth.  Anthony Farrell shines on both guitar and vocals on “Troubled Days”, with a damn dirty sound on that guitar (!) and the ultra funky (and delightfully sparse) “Get Back” is a get down-plus.  The “mechanical” workout of “Amazing” is just that – free form and hypnotic.

I hope I’ve made up for my oversight by catching up to something pretty special and instantly  tasty.  And it should be noted that Greyhounds have a brand new, ten song live album, Heaven On Earth.  And you can bet there will be a review here soon…


Accumulator is currently available




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