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A couple of words would fit to neatly describe this Australian-based band and their latest effort, Anyway:  dreamy-pop, light psychedelia, nouveaux hippies – all of it is fine but I can keep it to one word:  excellent.  Led by Dandy Warhol (and American ex-pat) Brent de Boer, this band really has a cohesive, tight sound, a way with a melody, and an impressive number of songs that make Anyway a pleasure to listen to and digest.  “I Can’t Return” does, in fact, immediately sound like a Dandy Warhols song and a damned good one, at that.  “Shameless” comes in with a dreamy-intro and a very warm melody; “Alison” is catchy as all get-out with its narrative about disgust for a town and “Wake Up And Cry” is another warm and atmospherically gentle track.  “Anyway”, the title track, is a slower, clean-sounding acoustic track with breathy, warm and melancholic vocals – this captures a certain essence that can only be described as “listen for yourself”; “In Time” has a great “Southern” feel with a mournful harmonica intro.

The musical spectrum can’t be limited to just neo-psychedelia – this band has an understanding and feel for country-western arrangements, a keen sense of how to structure their songs and the right balance of players to have different singers deliver the emotions needed for those songs to ultimately work.  And they do.  Very well.  YES to Immigrant Union’s Anyway.

Anyway is released September 23rd, 2014.


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