This is just too good.  Pure country magnificence in the grand traditional sense, with lyrical firepower and vocal skill – Kelsey Waldon, if you haven’t heard her before, is something special.  I’ve Got A Way, her sophomore effort, is filled with songs about life, love and one’s own quest for solidity within one’s self and in the outside world.  Eleven tracks with two nods to the greats by way of covering Bill Monroe and the Gosdins, this album sparkles.

The opening track, “Dirty Old Town” just brings you right to the joyful sounds of pedal steel runs and delightful twang with an upbeat number and her voice, which is indescribably sweet.  “All By Myself”, the video (included here) and centerpiece is about strength and stands out as a thesis statement for the rest of the album, if not for life in general. In Ms. Waldron’s own words, it’s not about her, “it’s about everyone, and isn’t a lecture or sermon, but a statement: power is inside of each of us.”  “False King” is just a raging stomp, rolling hard and clean with a rockin’ feel; “Don’t Hurt The Ones (Who’ve Loved You The Most)” is simply gorgeous, heartbreaking and an immediate country classic.  “Let’s Pretend” is another highlight – like a musical summer sunrise with the brightness of its sound and melody (the production of this album by Michael Rinne is outstanding) and her reading of the great Bill Monroe’s “Travelin’ Down This Lonesome Road” is chill-inducing, especially at the opening with the haunting guitar figures and her voice, rising to emotional heights.

Like I said, this album is something special.  So is Kelsey Waldon.  She knows how to reach the soul and make you think while tapping your foot.  I’ve Got A Way is a joy and one can only hope that more people tune in and embrace Ms. Waldon’s talents.


I’ve Got A Way will be released on Friday, August 12th, 2016



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