A true artist in every sense of the word, London’s Mark Maze taps into his rough-and-tumble upbringing in a council estate outside of Leicester, England. Channeling his past into music wasn’t a big leap, but his “anything is possible” outlook on the future is a more optimistic spin than many other artists take looking back at their lives. “My focus was to bring my poetry to life to tell my truths as I understood them creatively,” says Maze.

His new album, Uncomfortable Truths, is filled with modern R&B rhythms, pop synths, and top 40-ready vocals. Its lead single “Devil May Cry” spins a traditional ballad into something edgy, pulsing and racing. In fact, those adjectives could describe the whole album. Even mellower tracks like “Your Bite Was Beautiful” are damn catchy and filled with character that, fair warning, will have them stuck in your head for hours. And, to be honest, if New York hotspots aren’t spinning “Get Ya Back Up” right now, they’re going to be a little too late to the trend when Maze explodes. Calling it now.

Maze, who also landed a job as a junior talent booker, has become familiar with both sides of the industry, and trusts his gut when it comes to music. His gut, as it turns out, is usually right. ”My intuition,” he says, “[is] a tool which always has stood me in good steed along with the belief that you should always be true to yourself and you can never ask too many questions even if it pisses people off!”

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