While her last EP, Robot Heart, turned a lot of heads (along with her interestingly innovative version of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box), multi-instrumentalist/singer Kawehi is already back again with another new batch of songs, the aptly-titled Evolution.  These seven songs are fresh, catchy, danceable and yet thoughtful – this is a writer of substance.  The clever and instantly-grabbing “Corporation Disco Party” is a fine way to start this latest collection with some nice, raw guitar in the middle for good measure and some balls; “Battlefield” is a tense, sharp, deftly claustrophobic number with fine harmonizing and “Troll” is a top-notch swipe at arrogance (“Shut your mouth – stick to music…”), which goes into a solid groove.  “Farewell” is a sweetly melodic and quiet piece with a lovely, breathy vocal.

If you haven’t had a chance for an introduction to Kawehi, this is a perfect place to start.  Seven songs – all winners.  And once you’ve been enticed into her world, work your way backwards through this prolific artists’ catalog.  And watch her videos.  You’ll be amazed at how it’s done and how easy she makes it all look.


Evolution is available now

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