Moon is chiming echo-laden guitar, post rock bass, propulsive drumming, shifting time signatures, and haunting, ethereal vocals. Formed in 2010, the Chicago-based trio (David Azizinamini – guitars and vocals; Chris Schneberger – drums; Chris Shen – bass) conjure up sonic references to Sunny Day Real Estate, Circa Survive, Mogwai, Porcupine Tree and Rush on Extinction, their third full-length studio album, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Noam Wallenberg at Rax Trax Studios.

Opening with a mix of amplifier effects and exploding into a heavy, throttling riff, “There’s Light Here” has a Sonic Youth-ness about it, albeit more structured and tuneful with some very Geddy Lee (!) sounding vocals (see?); “Revolutions” is much more sedate and tempered with clean and atmospheric guitars and melodic lines in lockstep between the bass and guitar while being driven by a tight tempo; “Siberian” follows in the same vein, with a textured, cascading guitar and a taut shuffle on the rhythm section – you can feel the tension building through the track.  “Free” is a river of melody; soft and arranged in major chords, giving it an uplifting emotional feel and “Hidden Find” is, to this writer, the album’s high point – a very early ’80’s-inspired piece with delayed/echoe-y guitars, a treble-up bass and a warm, embracing and impassioned vocal delivery.

In another moment of “getting out of the comfort zone”, it’s heartening to know that a band of this caliber is out there – to make me sit up and take notice.  This is one of those occasions to now work my way backwards and investigate Moon’s catalog further.


Extinction is currently available

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