Having been sent this album by Salisbury – created by guitarist/singer/songwriter Eric Lysaght – after listening, I am grateful for something to take away the sting of cold winter nights.  It is an album of sheer emotion, catharsis and pure Americana – and I love it.  I’m also going to guess that it’s a straightforward concept album, as all these wonderful songs intertwine with one another in total harmony.

The album opens with pastoral sounds that make you feel that you’re in a peaceful, rural dream and goes into “Wake Up”, which suits the soundscape perfectly.  This blends right into the album’s title track, “Life Is A Heartbreak”, a gentle, acoustic dirge.  “Chariton County” is  sweetly picked; a very warm country-fied track that has the Alex Chilton-esque feel I love; a lyric of longing that you can’t help but be touched by.  “Down At The Fair” is vivid and gripping; “Leaving” is driven by brushes on the drums, piano and impassioned vocals.  “Mary Alice” may be the most upbeat of the songs and has a gorgeous melody.

In all, this fine album is easily one of the best, most cohesive things I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in 2013.


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