Following what seems to be an upsurge in the Chicago area with new bands of different musical directions and a revitalized music scene of all colors, The Kickback are part of that number.  This quartet, who’ve already released singles and E.P.’s are about to set sail with this, their maiden voyage of an album, Sorry All Over The Place.  Well-crafted, intelligent pop-rock with a clean, crisp sound, this album is instantly pleasing by virtue of the writing and singer/main songwriter Billy Yost’s vocals.

Starting with a wry number called “Sting’s Teacher Years” (high marks for the wit and references), it instantly gets its pop hooks into you, taking you into familiar (re:  radio friendly) territory, with its near-’80’s sound; the spaciousness and atmosphere of “When I Die” gives the track a modern psychedelic slant and “Headhunter” again revisits that ’80’s “new wave” vibe – think XTC-like quirkiness (the Go2 period).  “Scorched Earth Brouhaha” reminds me in places of The Posies or Teenage Fanclub with that start/stop, quiet/harmonies structure and repetitive riffs; “Little Teach” has a nice, slow rhythm with some tasty guitar and effects and “Please Hurt” ends the session in pleasing fashion with its subdued yet anthemic feel.

A very good debut effort, indeed.  The Kickbacks are a band you will certainly be seeing and hearing more from as the year goes on.


Sorry All Over The Place will be released on Friday, September 18th, 2015


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