callingNow THIS is what it’s all about – driving guitars, strident rhythms, crashing cymbals and hooks galore – coming out of Australia, following in the grand tradition of the Hoodoo Gurus, the Stems, etc.  The On and Ons have arrived and their debut album is It’s the On and Ons Calling – and you can damn well bet they are – calling loud and clear to anyone who loves great, classic guitar pop.

Starting off with the instantly memorable “All Over Heavenly (You’re My Everything),” you KNOW you’re in for a sweet ride of POP in bold block letters.  It’s all there – just in that first number.  “Goodbye My Love” is a little more subdued but reminiscent of some of the classics you’d find on Nuggets; “Long Ride” is a rollicking, harmony laden piece with a catchy chorus and “Before Our Eyes” has an American-guitar-twang flavor.  “Rockin’ With the Beat” is full-throttle and “Don’t Tear Me Down” sounds like it could easily be a single.

There’s no sense of slowing down as “Two Things on My Mind” is an absolute high point; “Not A Friend in Sight” has a quasi-surf vibe and “Hard to Say Goodbye” is prime Beatle-oriented rock and roll.  Simply stunning.

This album is a musical good time.  Eleven fine tracks, all have their pop strengths for your tastes and I’m definitely a new fan who’ll be looking for more from the On and Ons.  They’re calling and we should answer with an emphatic “YES.”


It’s The On And Ons Calling is available now.

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