Coming from Oxford, Mississippi, Young Buffalo are about to make their mark on music with this fine debut album, House.  A five-piece, Young Buffalo are like a fresh breeze on a warm afternoon – their guitar and keyboard-based pop sound immediately trigger a familiar feeling – the first thought that springs to mind is The dB’s, circa Stands For Decibels and you cannot get any better than that.  Melodies, great and plentiful harmonies all combined with a crisp production by Dave Schiffman (who worked with Weezer) – right off the mark, I dig it.

“Man In Your Dreams” is a stellar opener and a hell of an introduction; full of richness – upbeat, vocal gymnastics galore and instantly hummable; “Guilt” is tight – restrained on the verses and explosive on the choruses; chiming guitars and 100 m.p.h.; “Cliff Diver” is a little slower but no less sculpted and shaped with a wonderfully circular keyboard orbiting around the chiming guitar.  “Sykia” leaps out at you with a white tornado drum opening and arpeggio guitars reminiscent of early R.E.M. (or “Black & White” from The dB’s); “Summertime Blondes” is a 4/4 stomper and “Beat Back” is a keyboard-based track with harmonies and a steady groove, which is a wholly satisfying way to close this 11-track collection.

It’s obvious to me that this young band (who have been together since their teens) are developing at a rapid pace; like few bands I’ve had the pleasure to hear, if they were to stop now, they would have made an instant classic.  So let this pre-review serve as notice:  Young Buffalo are a must and their House is in order.


House will be released on March 3rd, 2015

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