Sunday morning we slept in again–the hallmark of a true luxury vacation when you’re a parent. Miraculously, the snow had stopped, so we had a beautiful walk to our first movie of the day: Hesher, a dark gem about a boy whose mom has died and the ”hesher” figure who hounds him until he and his family find a way to move on. It totally made me cry, and not just because of Natalie Portman’s abysmal performance. Loved it.

After the show, we headed over to The Yard to grab a bite at the complimentary T-Mobile Diner. We were seated quickly at a table in the chic white and pink cafe, which was chilly and packed with industry types. The people-watching was great, but the rest of the experience? Meh. The food took a ridiculously long time to arrive, and when it did, you could tell it was the type of food that had sounded really good on paper but just didn’t translate. Also: the service was horrible, the T-Mobile Touch at our table didn’t work, and they were out of several menu items. We didn’t even wait for our desserts. The Popchips we grabbed on the way out were pretty good, though.

Unfortunately, lunch took so long that we missed Oakley Learn to Ride with celebs getting private lessons from professional snowboarders (decked out in complimentary Oakley gear, of course!). So we stopped by Downstairs on Main Street where Oakley was also hosting a football-watching event. Sadly, the party was just a handful of people sitting in the dark, drinking beer and eating potato chips. I wouldn’t have even been sure it was the right place if the bouncer hadn’t practically body-checked us on the way in, informing us that this was a ”private party.” Hilarious. Leave it to me to get myself on the guest list for an empty room.

No worries, though–at Sundance there’s always another premier or party to hit, so we moved across the street to the Gibson Guitar Lodge. We breezed past the bouncer and up the stairs, only to find ourselves in human gridlock. Most of the space in the already tiny venue was was eaten up by a small lounge area, a teeny bar and a stage (with Erick Macek performing). The only place left to go was the loft above, but you had to be on another list to go up the stairs. And–hilariously–once you made it up the stairs, you had to be on a THIRD list to go into the itty-bitty gifting area. So silly. I did get to bask in the glory of Spencer Pratt’s white boy afro, though. A cocktail and two mini-cupcakes, and we hit the road.

We ended our day at the Yarrow Theater for the premier of Bran Nue Dae, an Australian Aborigine-centric retro musical featuring a tap-dancing Geoffrey Rush. Really, what’s not to love? The story was a bit ramshackle, but the music and cast were extremely lovable and I’m still singing a few of the songs.  It was so fun. After the movie we just walked back home and spent another eventful night with… yup, you guessed it. A hot tub and a fireplace. And, yes: once again we bailed on the evening parties. Don’t hate me. I probably would have gotten drunk and told John Legend how I birthed both my babies to his music, so professionally, staying in was the better choice.

Well, there you have it: all the news from our quick Sundance weekend. I’ll be back soon with some product reviews, starting with a heavy-duty BluePrintCleanse and all-new products from Aveeno. In the meantime: ciao, baby!

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