Welcome back to Bootleg City! This week’s entry comes courtesy of our good friend Joe (of Illicit Noise) and it’s a good one. We’re talking Lindsey Buckingham in all his live, solo glory, and you don’t want to miss a single minute.

This was recorded in 1992, as Buckingham was touring behind his sadly underappreciated Out of the Cradle solo album, and finds him running the gamut between solo cuts and Fleetwood Mac classics. To my memory, the audio quality is outstanding, but my memory ain’t what it used to be (the files were also ripped at 128 kbps, unfortunately, but they’re still a hell of a lot better than nothing).

Anyway. Download, enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend. See you here next week!

Big Love
Go Insane
Don’t Look Down
The Chain
You Do Or You Don’t
I’m So Afraid
This Nearly Was Mine
Street of Dreams
Never Going Back Again
All My Sorrows
This Is the Time
Go Your Own Way
Eyes of the World
Soul Drifter

UPDATE: By our pal Robert’s request (and on account of how it’s Friday, amen and hallelujah), here’s an extra helping of bootleggy goodness. I’m talking about Lindsey Buckingham’s much-anticipated, eventually scrapped solo album Gift of Screws.

Much of Screws, as you can see, was folded into the Fleetwood Mac reunion album Say You Will. Being a Buckingham/Christine McVie fan, and having little to no use for Stevie Nicks, I mostly very much prefer these versions to their officially released counterparts. But hey, judge for yourself. There’s some live stuff mixed in there too, but what are you going to do, complain?

Someone’s Gotta Change Your Mind
Steal Your Heart Away
Red Rover
She Smiled Sweetly
Down on Rodeo
Gotta Get Away
Try for the Sun
Shuffle Riff
Gift of Screws
Bleed to Love Her
Twist of Fate
Say Goodbye
The Singer Not the Song
Go Insane (live)
Deep Dense
Don’t Look Down (live)

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Our buddy Jayladdin’s comment reminded me that I had a few extra Buckingham live cuts lying around, so here they are:

Go Your Own Way (live)
Never Going Back Again (live)
You Do Or You Don’t (live)

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