If you live in Las Vegas, be sure to catch either of Kathy Griffin’s two shows tonight at Mandalay Bay Casino, where I presume she’ll be talking about her crazy life “on the D-list.” Maybe she’ll even crack wise about how she resembles Andy Dick in drag. ROTFL!

This week’s bootleg is apparently a recording of a stand-up concert from an earlier phase of Griffin’s career, when she went by the name “Patty.” If you ask me, Patty’s a pretty funny name, but I can see why she eventually switched to Kathy — it’s common knowledge that words starting with a k sound are hilarious. For instance, “cancer.” Or “Ku Klux Klan.” Or … well … maybe not every word starting with a k sound is funny. At least not the first time you hear them.

“Love From My Lips” is the name of the bootleg in question, and according to the MP3 files I haven’t listened to yet, what you see below is just the first disc. Wow! Kathy/Patty must be the Bruce Springsteen of stand-up comics. Look, I like comedy as much as the next guy, but a little goes a long way. Then again, with titles like “Pushing Thirty” (I’ve been there, sister!), “Bubba’s Sulky Lounge” (I love redneck jokes!), and “Breaking Skin” (c’mon, who hasn’t popped a pimple?), I’m laughing already!

I Write the Book
The Longer You Wait
You Don’t Have Me
Under These Clouds
Let Your Freedom Ring
Off You Go
Song for the Eighties
We Are Water
Cat’s Out of the Bag
No More Pioneers
All the Rain
When Something’s Broken
I Wonder
White Dove
Time of the Dance
Connie and Val
Pushing Thirty
Breaking Skin
Bubba’s Sulky Lounge

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