In trying to figure out which Trick tracks to make available this week, I figured I’d showcase a particular show that included some material that we as Trick fans haven’t already heard ad infinitum over the years.

A particular favorite of mine was a German show (for Rockpalast) from 1983. What makes this show so memorable is the appearance of some Next Position Please-era material that truly comes alive in a concert setting (whereas the studio versions were a bit flat, to my ears). Seriously, check out their live version of “Next Position Please”. Once you do, you realize how cool the song coulda been if Rundgren hadn’t been at the helm (not that I have anything Todd, of course).

Heck, they even played “Reach Out” and “Everything Works If You Let It”, which I never heard once the year before despite catching the band numerous times durijng the US leg of their One On One tour.

Those lucky Germans!

In addition, if you pay careful attention, you’ll hear a set of vocals singing impeccable harmonies right along with Zander. You’ll also hear pianos and synths throughout. All of this is compliments of tour singer/keyboardist Magic Christian, who was on-board for the Next Position Please tour.

I’ll Be With You Tonight
Dancing The Night Away
Baby Loves To Rock
Dream Police
Big Eyes

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