I have in my possession a new and unopened copy of Willie Wisely’s Parador Á¢€” released recently by the good people at Not Lame and pimped here at the blog a couple of months ago Á¢€” and I want one of you to have it.

(Actually, I’d like all of you to have it, but since that’s impossible, we’ll all have to settle for the next best thing.)

So here’s the deal: To enter this sweepstakes, all you’ve got to do is spread the good word about this place. Conversations, phone calls, drunken scrawls on bathroom walls, e-mails Á¢€” they’re all fair game. Just let me know about it as you go. The reader who has spread the most love by next Wednesday morning gets this copy of Parador on me.

Are you excited? I’m excited. Let’s be excited together.

In other site-related news, I would like to stop and send a big, wet THANK YOU to everybody who chipped in during last week’s pledge drive. Thanks to you, I was able to switch hosting companies; we now have a ludicrous 250 GB of transfer to play with each month (I’m sure this will evaporate soon enough, at which point:well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it). As promised, folks who donated will be getting a special thanks, which I’ll be announcing next Monday.

I’m contemplating some changes around here, and I’ll be soliciting input from you good people. I hope you’ll let me know what you think:

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