Section 4: Bubbling Under

Keith Murray hit #114 with “The Rhyme” and #125 with “Incredible”

Myron bubbled under with “So Fly”

Mystikal bubbled under at #106 with “Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet”

Nadanuf bubbled under with “The Breaks” and “6 a.m. (We Be Rollin’)

Nas hit #114 with “The World Is Yours” “The Grand Finale” and “You Won’t See Me Tonight”

Ultra Nate bubbled under with “Show Me” and “Found a Cure”

Natural Born Chillers hit #105 with “Rock the Funky Beat”

Naughty By Nature bubbled under at #105 with “Clap Yo Hands”

Nastyboy Klick hit #103 with “AZ Side.”

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