Section 2: The Top 40

PM Dawn hit #1 in 1991 with ”Set Adrift On Memory Bliss.” They also hit the top 40 with ”Paper Doll” ”I’d Die Without You” and ”Looking Through Patient Eyes.”

Poison hit the top 40 with ”Unskinny Bop” ”Something to Believe In” ”Ride the Wind” and ”Life Goes On.”

Iggy Pop’s only charting song on the Hot 100 was 1990’s ”Candy” which hit #28.

Portrait hit #11 with ”Here We Go Again!”

Positive K made it to #14 with his only hit, ”I Got A Man.”

Jessie Powell hit #10 with ”You”

The Presidents of the United States of America hit #29 with ”Peaches”

The new leader for least known top 40 hit is ”Splackavellie” by Pressha.

The Pretenders hit #16 with ”I’ll Stand By You”

Kelly Price hit #12 with ”Friend of Mine”

Maxi Priest hit #1 with ”Close To You.” His other top 40 hit was ”That Girl” featuring Shaggy.

Prince was the 12th biggest artist of the decade thanks to top 40 hits like ”Thieves in the Temple” ”Gett Off” ”Cream” ”Diamonds and Pearls” ”Money Don’t Matter 2 Night” ”My Name Is Prince” ”7″ ”The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” ”Letitgo” and ”I Hate You.”

The Proclaimers hit #3 with ”I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).”

Prodigy hit #30 with ”Firestarter”

Public Announcement hit #5 with ”Body Bumpin’ Yippie-Yi Yo”

Public Enemy hit #33 with ”Give It Up”

Puff Daddy was the 19th biggest artist of the decade thanks to ”Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” hitting #1 for 6 weeks and ”I’ll Be Missing You” spending 11 weeks at the top spot. He also took ”It’s All About the Benjamins” and ”Satisfy You” to #2 and hit the top 40 with ”Been Around the World” ”Victory” and ”Come with Me.”

The Puppies hit #40 with ”Funky Y-2-C”

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