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Like they say, haters be hating but Journey has soldiered on for many years with every intention of making new music. It took a while to zero in on someone who would stay behind the microphone, first going with Steve Augieri, then Jeff Scott Soto, with drummer Deen Castronovo contributing vocals here and there, and finally finding Arnel Pineda to be their powerhouse vocalist.

That’s what you need, after all. Oh, there are the prerequisite hits that came from the Steve Perry years, unavoidable songs the whole lot, and they will be sung in concert so you need a set of pipes that can handle it. But you also need someone who can bring continuity to new music. If you are a band of any lasting integrity, you will continue to create, and even if there is a large contingent of people who reject the post-Perry years outright, we expect some of that antipathy is just prejudgment. Given the opportunity to pull a few choice cuts from Arrival, Generations, Revelation and Eclipse the listener might be surprised by what they find.

Higher Place – Arrival
City of Hope – Eclipse
With Your Love – Arrival
The Place in Your Heart – Generations
Like a Sunshower – Revelation
Someone – Eclipse
Livin’ to Do – Arrival
After All These Years – Revelation
Anything Is Possible – Eclipse
All The Way – Arrival
Faith in the Heartland – Generations
Never Walk Away – Revelation
Where Did I Lose Your Love – Revelation
Beyond the Clouds – Generations
Ritual – Eclipse
We Will Meet Again – Arrival

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