Section 3: The Airplay chart

The Stone Roses hit #55 with ”Love Spreads”

Stone Temple Pilots hit the airplay chart with ”Plush” ”Creep” ”Big Empty” ”Vasoline” ”Interstate Love Song” ”Dancing Days” ”Big Bang Baby” ”Trippin’ on a Hole In A Paper Heart” and ”Lady Picture Show”

Sublime hit the airplay chart with ”What I Got” ”Santeria” and ”Wrong Way”

Section 4: Bubbling Under

Sting bubbled under with ”Brand New Day”

Doug Stone bubbled under with ”Make Up In Love”

Stone Temple Pilots hit #107 with ”Down”

Phil Storm hit #123 with ”Let Me”

George Strait bubbled under with ”I’d Like To Have That One Back” ”Lovebug” ”The Man In Love with You” and ”You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody”

Strawberri hit #122 with ”Saddle You Up”

Stroke 9 hit #104 with ”Little Black Backpack”

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