300px-BraddelpbeatlejuiceHappy Brad Delp Day, everyone.

Look, if you need to know why today is Brad Delp Day, go to Wikipedia. Rather than dwelling on those details, let’s instead recall the man who was and forever will be the Voice Of Boston…and what a voice. To paraphrase Douglas Adams, Brad Delp could sing the legs off an Arcturian Mega-Donkey and then persuade it to go for a walk. You can recall the walls of guitar on Boston’s “More Than A Feeling,” but I’ll bet what you recall even clearer is the way Delp sang “She slipped away…” into the second chorus, and reached almost every level of the sound spectrum getting there.

He’s not with us now, but he should be. He didn’t get the sustained honors due him in life, but no one will ever forget him.

It would have been much too easy to post a couple Boston tracks, but Brad Delp was more than Boston. So, on this occasion, let’s listen back to the voice that even those among us without a theistic mindset would have to say, if there is a god, surely He gave Brad Delp a voice.

Rain Down On Me

There’s Another Side

Every Door Is Open


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